Emily Browning Biography

Emily Browning is an Australian born actress and singer. She started her career fairly young and had a few breakout performances in her native land of Australia. Her first major role was in a TV film called “The Echo of Thunder” (1998), which did ...Read More

Lauren German Biography

Lauren German is an American actress. She is famous for appearing in a number of horror movies. But she also has a bigger career on TV. She stars in a lot of detective and crime shows. Lauren started her career on stage and her ...Read More

Tom Ellis Biography

Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor who has recently been getting a lot of buzz. He is mostly recognized for playing the title character of Lucifer in Fox’s “Lucifer”. He also appears on “Miranda” as Gary Preston. Tom Ellis has mostly appeared on British ...Read More

David Tennant Biography

David Tennant is a Scottish actor and voice actor famous for many appearances in British and American Shows. Probably his most famous role is playing the Doctor on “Doctor Who”. He played the tenth incarnation of the legendary Doctor and stayed on the show ...Read More

Carrie-Anne Moss Biography

Carrie-Anne Moss is a proclaimed Canadian actress. She rose to fame with her role as Trinity in the Matrix trilogy and is mostly remembered for that role. But she has a number of other titles to her name, both on TV and in the ...Read More

Eka Darville Biography

Eka Darville is an Australian actor mostly known for his roles on television. Most recently, he is recognized for playing the part of Malcom Ducasse, a junkie friend of the title character Jessica Jones. He landed the role of Malcolm in 2015 and appeared ...Read More

Rachael Taylor Biography

Rachael Taylor is an Australian model and actress. She first started off as a model in her home country of Australia. After winning the State finals of Miss Teen Tasmania, Rachael decided to turn to acting. It was not really hard to get roles ...Read More

Ed Harris Biography

Ed Harris is an American veteran actor who is also a producer, screen writer and director. He has had a long acting career and is still perfuming. Ed had equal success in the movies and TV as well. He started off in the 70s ...Read More

James Marsden Biography

James Marsden is an American born actor and a singer. Marsden is an ex-model as well as before he started acting he worked for Versace. James is now famous for his many roles in the movies and on TV. He is mainly recognized for ...Read More

Rachel Keller Biography

Rachel Keller is an American actress who is still gaining recognition. She has mainly appeared on the small screen and only has few roles. But her talent shows that she will start getting better and bigger roles quite soon. She first started attracting attention ...Read More
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