Massimo Agostinelli Net Worth

Massimo Agostinelli net worth is about $33 million. He made this fortune as a contemporary artist and entrepreneur. However, we can’t say that he has been having a tough life. His father is actually Robert Agostinelli – an Italian American self-made billionaire financier. And his net worth is $1 billion. Massimo is a professional painter. And apart of painting, Massimo specializes in drawing and printmaking too.

Massimo Agostinelli net worth: $33 million

What Does He Actually Do?

His primary style is working with text art, making some sorts of word plays and making “works of art” out of some ordinary “everyday” objects. He usually layers wordplays over all sorts of images – some of them are famous works of art. For example, he takes some legendary photo like a photo of moon landing from 1967, Mona Lisa, or photos of some celebrities. He then puts an acrylic mirror over that photo and writes significance for each of those images. That is it. A work of art ladies and gentlemen!

That Day When Massimo Turned a Bin into a Work of Art

Maybe the best example of what this young artist actually does for life is an anecdote from the halls of Art Basel in Switzerland. He actually grabbed a regular bin from the fair, wrote “la plus belle” (the most beautiful) on it and left it in the center of the lane adjacent to the booths of mega-galleries. People walked around it and gawked, assuming that the bin was a part of some exhibition. Later on, he sold that bin for $100.

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Massimo Agostinelli Early Life, Education, and Career

Massimo Agostinelli lives in Manhattan, New York. He was born in London, England in 1987 and spent a nice part of his life in Switzerland. We have already said that his father is a billionaire, Robert Agostinelli, but that is not the parent he got the most talent from. His mother is Parisian Greek sculptress Pascale Gallais. She was the one with that talent for art. Pascale actually studied graphic design in Paris as well as Trompe I’oueil in Brussels. After she had moved to New York, she started studying about sculptures at the Sculpture Center. The vast majority of her work is in private collections in New York and London.

Massimo Agostinelli allegedly attended more than 13 different schools and finally graduated from Webster University. After he graduated, Massimo immediately started his career as an artist. In 2014, Massimo sold his entire solo show on the opening night. In 2015 his solo show in New York was even hosted by a two time Grammy winner Maxwell – you know that “lesser known” American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor! After that, his works were shown at museums in Mexico City, Cape Town, Georgia, and London. Massimo Agostinelli worked with Quiksilver, WeWork (because his dad bought them) VistaJet, and Formula 1. And even though some of his works are really provocative, he has celebrity fans like Leonardo DiCaprio, Elizabeth Hurley, and others.

Massimo Agostinelli is married to Luciana Agostinelli and they have two beautiful children.

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