10 Celebrities Who You Had No Idea Are Authors

Between tours, filming, and music recordings, celebrities sometimes need to find an escape from the rigors of their everyday profession! In addition to being a very talented movie and music stars, many celebs still write books! Well, it wasn’t enough to be just amazing in one area, they still had to nurture their literary gifts! After all, many of them are great songwriters, lyricists, scriptwriters and other roles similar to literary works. It’s just that this second profession never brought them as much fame as their primary works.

Since many people do not know this side of them, we have decided to bring a list of 10 celebrities who you probably didn’t know had written books. We will also tell a little about their works, of course!

For example, stars like Mariah Carey, Will Smith, and Madonna had their daily lives turned upside down when they became parents. Influenced by their offspring, these stars took the pen to write children’s books. But there are more who also went through this unlikely path. Let’s see a list of them:

Mariah Carey


How many of you knew the Songbird once wrote a book? Well, it happened that the diva abandoned the recording studios and sequined dresses while writing a book. In 2016, Mariah Carey released All I Want For Christmas Is You (Doubleday Books for Young Readers editions). The picture book for kids is an adaptation of her 1994 hit.

The book All I Want For Christmas Is You was also adapted to the cinema in a feature film for 2017 Christmas. It was a  nice gift for her twins: Moroccan and Monroe.

According to PageSix, she is currently working on a new memoir following her revelations about her bipolar diagnosis.


American singer and songwriter, Madonna didn’t become an author by chance. She is a serial writer and has probably written more books than many dedicated writers.

Her most popular literary work is The English Roses. The English Roses in which we follow the adventures of a group of friends. In 2003, the sulfurous star released a collection of stories in which she tackled subjects like jealousy or backbiting thanks to her fables.

Wikipedia lists her total number of books as 31; 11 coffee table books, 7 picture books, 12 chapter books, and one biography. However, according to Goodreads, a site that reviews books, just like Edureviewer’s resumeprofessionalwriters com reviews, she has 94 books on the platform alone. The 61-year-old superstar is, remember, the mother of 6 children: Lourdes (23), Rocco (19), David and Mercy James (14) and she recently adopted twins Esther and Stella (7).

Shay Mitchell


The former Pretty Little Liars star, who was recently seen in the YOU series and headlines The Possession of Hannah Grace, a horror-thriller, is also the author of a novel co-written with Michaela Blaney. Between them, they released Bliss, whose story centers on Sophia Marcus, a young woman of 21 who is trying to break into Hollywood. While waiting for the role of her life, she lives in Toronto, auditions, and works in a club.

50 cent

The career of rapper 50 cent has evolved well since he entered the musical world. Star and composer of the Power series, 50 Cent also wrote a novel about the effects of harassment called Playground. The artist was notably inspired by his son for book writing.

He has 29 books on Goodreads. His most popular book remains The 50th Law. Other books he wrote include Death Before Dishonor, Once Upon…, Baby, Blow and many more.

Chad Michael Murray

The one who made a sensational arrival in season 3 of Riverdale is also the author of two novels. In 2011, he published Everlast, a pre-apocalyptic tale that follows Derek Everlast, whose destiny is to guide others in a place of rebirth for humanity called Haven. In 2017, he repeated the experience with American Drifter, a romantic thriller he co-wrote with Heather Graham. According to the actor, the plot of this second novel came to him in a dream.

Lauren Graham


52-year-old American singer Lauren Graham wrote an autobiographical novel called Talking as Fast as I Can and From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls in 2016. Before that, the actress who is worth $15 million tried her hand at fiction. The novel in question is called Someday, Someday, Maybe and even ended up on the New York Times bestseller list. Her story even came close to being adapted for series, but the project was unsuccessful.

Hugh Laurie

The man everyone knows as Gregory House (Dr. House) is a multi-talented actor. Not only did he release albums, but Hugh Laurie is also the author of the thriller The Gun Seller, published in 1996. Another of his novels, The Paper Soldier, was due out in 2009, but there has been no news since. The release was postponed indefinitely.

Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff is also one of those artists with multiple hats. Actress, stylist, producer and singer, star one who was in the Younger series is also an author. She co-wrote a young adult trilogy with Elise Allen titled Elixir. The first volume of the same name was released in 2010, followed by Devoted (2011) and True (2013). The novels are centered on Clea Raymond, a photojournalist who begins to see the disturbing image of a man appear in some photos after the disappearance of his father during a humanitarian mission.

James Franco

Revealed in particular in the Freaks & Geeks series, James Franco then enjoyed success in the cinema, as an actor and director. He even has a few songs to his credit and has written several short fiction and novels. Indeed, James Franco is notably the author of the collection of short stories Palo Alto: Stories or A California Childhood, Hollywood Dreaming, Rebel and Actors Anonymous.

Bella Thorne


The Disney Channel star is also the author of a series of novels around the character of Autumn Falls, a young woman who discovers that her wishes are granted from the moment she writes them in the newspaper bequeathed by her deceased father. The first volume is called Autumn Falls and was published in 2014. It was followed by Autumn’s Kiss (2015) and Autumn’s Wish (2016).