10 Worst Dolls that Don’t Look Anything Like Their Celebrity Counterparts

Getting a doll crafted in your likeness is a big deal. A lot of celebrities feel honored when somebody decides to make a statue using their image. It is an honor that can perhaps only be rivaled with getting a start on the famous Walk of Fame on the Hollywood Boulevard. But sometimes things do not go as well as planned. Sometimes the product does not resemble the celebrity as well as you might think it should.

Here are 10 cases where the dolls don’t look anything like their celebrity counterparts.

Emma Watson


Emma Watson of “Harry Potter” fame recently stared in a “Beauty and the Beast” movie adaption of the famous animated movie from 1991. It was fair to say that Emma was a perfect cast for the role. Not only has she managed to portray Belle’s character but she boasted the role by showing off her great singing voice.

But the reimagining of Emma Watson as Belle into a doll did not pane out so well. The doll was designed in the recognizable yellow dress that Belle appears in both the movie and the animated adaption. But that is where all the similarities end. The end result was described by many people from the internet as if Justin Bieber and the Queen of Hearts had a child. Not a match made in heaven, would you agree?

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is possibly one of the greatest and most popular female artists currently. She sells records like hot pockets and everything that she touches turns to gold. But have you ever thought how Taylor Swift would look like a squishie. Slow rising squishies are the talk of the town now and one of them is supposed to bare the likeness of Taylor Swift.

If you look closely you will notice that the squishie does not look anything like her. Furthermore, it depicts a snake! Holly Cow, a snake! Really? Why a snake? I guess the good people who made this product must have thought that it would be a good idea to show Taylor in the light as they saw her. Or at least in the light as the myriads of her ex-boyfriends see her now. I’ll have to check my favorite squishie website to see if this one is available, lol!

Prince Harry and Megan Markle


Prince Harry and Megan Markle do really look like a perfect pair. They are both attractive and young and really go hand in hand with each other. But what is it with these dolls? Some would say that they are borderline offensive. The maker of the dolls claims that it was supposed to be a joke and the dolls were not supposed to be viewed as perfect replicas. I don’t see anybody laughing, do you?

Lindsay Lohan


The ones of you who are old enough to remember Lindsay Lohan, she was aimed to be the next best thing. But the American sweetheart went on a downward spiral of drugs and alcoholism that ended her in doing B-movies, that is if she is lucky enough to get one.

So getting a “My Scene” doll with all the accessories from her movie is a big thing for her. Except nobody can tell that it is her. If you are looking for an Ariel the mermaid doll with legs and a faux fur-trimmed coat, then you came to the right place.

John Travolta


Have you seen the latest John Travolta Luke Skywalker doll? It comes with an original outfit and light… Heeeeey, something’s not right here. John Travolta never stared as Luke Skywalker nor has he appeared in a Star Wars movie. Either the designer of the doll is very bad Star Wars fan or the dude does not know who John Travolta is. We are betting it’s both.

Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson’s acting is under debate after doing all those God-awful vampire movies. But his doll is certainly not something that we should debate about. The designer was going for a vampiric theme, as he wanted to depict Robert as his character of Edward Cullen from the aforementioned vampire movies.

One thing is for sure, they got the horror element right. As the doll looks like Michael Myers without a mask. Now we are waiting to see what will be fixed first, the doll or the acting of Robert Pattinson.

Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne made a name of herself by being the daughter of the famed rock musician Ozzy Osbourne. She was also the part of the main cast of the reality TV show “The Osbournes,” which starred Ozzy’s whole family, something we all want to forget. Kelly even tried having a singing career, but it flopped as it appeared that she didn’t inherit her father’s singing chops.

But the doll that was made in Kelly’s image did not inherit nothing of hers. There is one thing that is supposed to tie the two together and that is her signature pink hair. Great job design team! Spot on! You managed to put in a piece of her that she wore last time when she was 17. Have you seen Kelly Osbourne recently? She did grow up you know!

Harry Styles


If you are a girl you probably know what One Direction is. All of you who are not should probably move to the next item on the list. But if you did manage to hear about the boy band, you may just know who Harry Styles is. Quite recently, the band had a bunch of dolls made to resemble all of the members of the group. The band released a statement saying “We were extremely happy with the dolls” one of them said, “except Harry’s looks like Susan Boyle,” he added. Ouch, that’s a low blow!

Drew Barrymore


I am a big fan of Drew Barrymore and her movies. She was even great in all of those bad ones so I am not going to made fun of her even though she is cross-eyed. What…? She isn’t cross-eyed? Than why is the doll made to be so. Have you ever watched a Drew Barrymore movie? Who made this in the first place? I’m guessing the designer was the one with an eye problem not the celebrity.

Frida Kahlo


Many of you probably already know who Frida Kahlo is. Most of you will recognize the famous Mexican artist because of her famed unibrow that she proudly had. It is a unique signature that depicts her image even today. So when Matel released their new line of toys they included Frida as one of the celebrities added. But what they didn’t include was the unibrow on her forehead. As a result, nobody really knew who the doll was supposed to be.

Frida’s family protested and demanded that the doll be pulled from sales as the company didn’t really have the rights to Frida Kahlo’s image. Our opinion is that they got lightly, they should have been sued for this.