5 Celebrities Who Own a Car but Can’t Drive

Driving is an important skill to learn.

With your vehicle of choice, you can go anywhere you want, anytime. Driving is freedom. However, not everybody can take the wheel and drive. It takes focus, awareness, and the ability to handle a vehicle safely.

Drivers also need to be healthy enough to drive and have all the right motor functions to ensure a safe journey. Giving someone who is not skilled or fit to drive a driver’s license is a recipe for disaster. Which is why it’s good that some people are responsible enough to know their limits when it comes to driving.

Celebrities and Luxury Cars

Being a celebrity is all about that Hollywood lifestyle – money, fame, mansions, and luxury vehicles.

Let’s forego the first three entries on the list above and talk about expensive cars for a minute. For the rest of the population, getting a car is a necessity. All you need to do to get a brand-new vehicle is to go to a dealer and pick out a car that suits your needs. Easy peasy.

The same rules apply for used cars, but with an extra layer of prudence in the form of free vin checks. Oh, and before buying a car, people need a driver’s license or else the whole point is moot. However, if you have a lot of money to burn, you can do things the other way around.

Have Car, Can’t Drive

Celebrities often buy luxury cars, sports cars, and expensive SUV’s, but can’t drive. We have former drivers who developed a fear of driving due to an accident. Some failed to get a driver’s license multiple times, while others refused to learn because drivers took them everywhere.

Here are the top celebrities that have expensive cars but can’t drive:

Noel Gallagher


Noel Gallagher was the lead guitarist and co/vocalist of English rock band Oasis. He was a lot younger back in the days when Oasis took the world by storm. Noel didn’t bother to learn how to drive because the band had limos that took them between gigs. Now that he’s 50 years old, Mr. Gallagher is a bit embarrassed by the fact that his driving skills aren’t up to par. He even stated that he’s “better off in the back seat.”

Barbara Streisand

Barbra Streisand needs no introduction. It’s not that the legendary singer and actress can’t drive – she can, and she used to. But Barbara developed a fear of getting behind the wheel after her accident on the freeway. Ms. Streisand’s car hit a ramp on the highway, and she hasn’t been driving ever since.

Christina Aguilera


Christina got her license when she was 21 years old, but she hasn’t driven as of late and relies on drivers to get around. With fame comes paparazzi and the chaos of them following her around is terrifying enough that she doesn’t want to drive anymore.

J.K. Rowling

Rowling is a fantastic storyteller but sucks when it comes to driving and operating machinery. She admitted on Twitter that she “has no spatial awareness, can’t work machinery & have a tenuous grasp on reality. It’s really best for everyone I don’t drive.”

Ricky Gervais


Ricky was once a target to replace Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. The problem? Mr. Gervais doesn’t have a driver’s license. Not a good thing if you host a television car show, but can’t get behind the wheel of those exotic cars.

Take a page out of the celebrity handbook and don’t drive if you lack the driving skills or if you don’t have a license.