7 Home Essentials You Must Have By 30

Your youth and early twenties are all for fun and experimenting, and you most likely move to different places and travel, but as your thirties get near you start settling down and get a more permanent place. By your thirties you have had a lot of experiences, and you have most likely developed a sense of décor style that is more ‘grown-up.’

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to change everything and throw out all the stuff you have from your twenties, but there are some design elements that everyone should have as a part of their home décor by the time they are 30. Here is a list of some of these items:

Kitchen Essentials


By the time you reach your thirties, you have probably learnt how to cook. Now that you are settling down and have stopped living off of pizza and ramen noodles, you should get some proper kitchen essentials for your home. You should have a proper set of serving dishes and also crockery that you use around at home.

You should invest in creating a modern designed kitchen with an internal fridge and oven, food processor, electric pot stirrers, coffee machine, microwave oven and other essentials. Your kitchen should also have a decent amount of working space and some space to freely move around.

Other than that, you need to get proper pans and pots instead on the one you cooked almost everything in when you were in your early twenties. In short, design your kitchen and buy its essentials keeping your future in mind, after 30 you might want to start a family so make design choices that don’t just help you now but are also suitable for the future.

Stylish Storage Spaces


By the time you turn thirty, you will have a lot more stuff than you had in your early twenties; thus, in your new home, you need to make storage spaces that are both elegant and convenient. Look for storage solutions that don’t diminish the décor of the house. You can have a built-in wall unit in the living room with shelves for storage of media decoration pieces and books or your DVD collection which also has closed compartments for storage of miscellaneous items.

Try to build walk-in closets/dressing rooms with your bedroom to add some more design to your home while creating a large and convenient storage space at the same time.

Sophisticated Hardware


To improve the décor of your home and complement its design, you should get some sophisticated and fashionable hardware for your home. Unlike your twenties where everything was about convenience, now you can invest in the design of your home.

For the living room, get some sofas and chairs that complement the paint and lighting of the room, and for the kitchen, you can get diner-like stools that will spice up the place and create a convenient dining space as well. You should also get a proper dining table that goes with the theme of the house for when you have visitors and more people at your home.

More Than One Bedroom


Unlike your early twenties, your home now can’t have just one bedroom. It should have at least two or three bedrooms preferable with a separate guest room. After 30, most people wish to start a family so your new home should be designed in such a way that it also meets your future needs.

And if you are not a family person, you can use the extra room as a home office or a playroom or an art studio. The bottom line is that if you are going to put all that effort and money in designing a home, it should fulfill both, your current and future needs.

A Home Office


In your twenties and college life, you have the time to experiment and find yourself and what you’re good at and hopefully by 30 you have your career figured out. In your thirties, you have to be more professional and hardworking, so it is a great idea to have a home office in your house by the time you’re 30. A home office is not only convenient; it also provides a lot of unique décor possibilities such as creating a mini library or adding a designer working table to the décor of your house.



Adding paintings and artwork to the décor of your house can instantly make it more sophisticated, and it is a design element that must be a part of your home by the time you are 30. You should find paintings that resonate with you and the décor, color scheme and lighting of the house. A single painting or sculpture can make a dull room exciting and energetic. Adding artwork to the walls of your new home can be a great way to spice up the décor and fill up the empty and dull spots.

Matching & Color Coordinated Interior


Overall the interior of your house should have a theme, and it should be designed to match, complement and enhance the natural lighting and elements of the place. Your furniture, curtains, art and paint should all be color coordinated to give the best look.

A proper designed matching and color coordinated design can instantly make your home more welcoming and pleasant. So, you can design the interior of your home according to your expectations, or you can also hire an interior designer and tell them your vision so that they can help you in designing your dream home.

Your home is your haven; hence, it ought to be the most comfortable place. Investing a little now and then on your home won’t break your bank and would make the entire home environment more comfy for you. I hope the article helps you out. Let us know in the comments below!

About the Author:

This post is written by Andrea Smith. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at https://homeaddons.com/.