Abigail Hawk Age, Net Worth and Family…

Abigail Hawk is an American actress famous for her work on TV. She has a also worked as a director and has managed to direct a few shows and act in them. She is very good looking.  As for her relationship status, Abigail Hawk is married. Her body of work mainly includes television series. However, has also managed to appear in a few shorts as well. The audience knows Abigail Hawk for her appearance in the show “Blue Bloods” where she assumes the role of detective Abigail Baker.

Abigail first started working in 1995 when she got the role on a show “Reality Check.” It would take a long period of time for her to get a role after that but eventually continued off with such shows as “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” Body of Proof,” “Are we There Yet?” and the “Jim Gaffigan Show.” But her success will start again with the “The Peter Austin Noto Show” where she appeared as herself and it ultimately led her to being cast in “Blue Bloods” in 2010, which makes her most prominent role yet.


Abigail Hawk in movie Almost Paris (2016)

Her IMDB credit also shows a variety of movie roles with “The Tragedy of Maria Macabre” (2010) being her first one where she played the titled character and also a role in “A Christmas in Vermont” (2016) as one of her latest roles. In 2017 she stared in “Rich Boy, Rich Girl” and is also in lined to appear in “Bubble Girl” which is in line to be released in 2018.

As part of her directorial work, she has also been credited by providing her talents for “The Peter Austin Show” where she played herself and has done a remarkable job with the show and marked her initial work as a director. Abigail Hawk is still young and is extremely good looking so we can can expect that she is going to get much more work in the years to come.

Abigail Hawk Net Worth and Salary

This beautiful blonde is a working actress and pursues her career quite seriously. She is immersed in various projects currently which are just lining up in front of her. Her current salary is unknown and that would be a question that we could only ask her agent, but since he is not reluctant to give out this information freely we are just going to report her net worth which now comes to $800,000.


Abigail Hawk at Almost Paris Premiere

Abigail Hawk Husband and Family

To the dismay of many fans out there, Abigail Hawk is married. She actually got married in 2009, after only being engaged for a month. Her husband is Bryan Spies and he works as a medic for the Fire Department for the city of New York. They dated for a period of time after Bryan eventually decided to propose and put a ring on her finger. They have been married since then and have had a fairly good one. There are no rumors about any bumps in the road and they have been together ever since then. Recently, Abigail Hawk gave birth to a son which fortified their marriage even more as they are now blessed with a child.


Abigail Hawk Biography and her husband Bryan Spies

Abigail Hawk Age

Hawk is still a young actress, having been born on May 4, 1985 and being just 32 years old. Her birth town is Chicago, Illinois and is also where she went to high school. She has also received a degree in theater after attending college. Her mother and father are Robert Gustafson and Diane Gustafson, and Abigail was actually born with the same surname but would later change it to Hawk when she started acting.

Height and Weight

Abigail Hawk boasts with a very attractive personality as well with a very attractive body. She is blond and has blue eyes, which makes her a safe pick for various shows where they need beautiful and smart girls. Her body measurements are also there to help her as they amount to 36-26-36 inches. Her weight is 64 kg and she is 5 ft and 8 in high and it makes her slim and attractive.

Is Abigail Hawk a Lesbian?

Her dating career may not be as lucrative as people would think, but we never found an information of Abigail Hawk as a lesbian. She enjoys the company of the opposite sex and even though she has not had a very big dating credit, or at least she has kept it a secret well enough, she remains as a happily wedded woman and enjoys her life with her family.


Abigail Hawk at Big River International Film Festival

Nationality and Ethnicity

Abigail Hawk belongs to Caucasian ethnic group and her nationality is American. She was born in Chicago and has spent most of her young life there.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:, May 4. 1985
Net Worth:,$800.000
Hair Color:,Blond
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:,5 ft and 8 in
Weight:,64 kg
Married to:, Bryan Spies
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Taurus

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