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Joseph Gilgun Biography

Joseph Gilgun is an English born actor who has appeared in a lot of British TV dramas and movies. He is famous for his roles in ITV’s “Emmerdale”, where he plays Eli Dingle, and for his role of Woody in “This is England” (2006) ...Read More

Ian Colletti Biography

Ian Colletti is an American born actor. He started off as a child actor appearing in shows and a few movies. His first role was in “Blue’s Clues” back in 2004 and he followed it with an appearance on “Waterfront” in 2006. He also ...Read More

Jeremie Harris Biography

Jeremie Harris is an up and coming American actor who appears mostly on TV. He is currently reckoned for being a part of the main cast on FX’s “Legion”, the show about Marvel superheroes and mutants, where he plays Ptonamy Wallace. You will also ...Read More

Dominic Cooper Biography

Dominic Cooper is a notable British actor who had big parts in movies and on TV. He also had great success in the theatre, but it is interesting that he started off late doing it. Nevertheless, he managed to build a great career out ...Read More

Ian McShane Biography

Ian McShane is a veteran British actor with a very long IMBD record. He started his career in his native country of England and has expanded it to America over a period of time. He is mostly known for his roles in the BBC ...Read More

Pablo Schreiber Biography

Pablo Schreiber is an American-Canadian actor who appears both on TV and in the movies. He will probably be remembered for portraying the character of Nick Sobotka in “The Wire” and  George “Pornstache” Mendez on “Orange is the New Black”. Pablo is quite a ...Read More

Crispin Glover Biography

Crispin Glover is a very versatile figure. He is most popular for his acting, but he actually has a lot more working for him. He is a director, a screenwriter, a publisher, an author and even a recording artist. In the acing world, Crispin ...Read More

Chyler Leigh Biography

Chyler Leigh is an American actress, singer and former model. Chyler managed to reach the heights quite early in her career. After getting the role of Janey Brigs, she stared in “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001), which was an instant box office success. The ...Read More

Ricky Whittle Biography

Ricky Whittle is an English actor and a former male model. He started as a model in the early 2000s and has done pretty good for himself. He even managed to appear as a model for Reebok. But then he decided to turn to ...Read More

Bill Irwin Biography

Bill Irwin is a notable American actor, comedian and a clown. He is recognized for his vaudeville-style stage performances and is perhaps solely credited for the popularity of the American circus during the 70s. You could also see Bill in certain moves and appearing on ...Read More

Melissa Benoist Biography

Melissa Benoist is a young, up-and-coming actress and a singer from America. She is mostly recognized for her performance in “Glee” where she played the character of Marley Rose between 2012 and 2014. Her great singing and acting potential were the perfect credit she ...Read More

Aubrey Plaza Biography

Aubrey Plaza is an American comedian and an actress. She is one of the up and coming stars of the industry as she has been landing hit after hit in recent times. She started off first as an intern and had only performed sketch ...Read More

Dan Stevens Biography

Dan Stevens is a British actor who is currently riding a wave of popularity that he has been on. With his first major role in ITV’s “Downton Abby”, where he plays the character of Matthew Crawley, Dan has managed to get a lot of ...Read More

Lesley-Ann Brandt Biography

Lesley-Ann Brandt is a South African actress who has appeared in a number of TV shows on New Zealand and American TV. She gained recognition for playing a slave girl named Naevia on “Spartacus” and recently for playing Maze (Mazikeen) on “Lucifer”. Lesley-Ann started ...Read More

D.B. Woodside Biography

D.B. Woodside is an American actor who mainly appears in TV shows. He has appeared in numerus shows of various genres and has got a pretty good IMDB list of appearances. He first appeared in “Murder One” (1996), where he played Aaron Mosley. Later ...Read More

Kevin Alejandro Age, Wife, Height, Bio

Kevin Alejandro is an American actor famous for his many roles on TV. He has managed to get various roles in movies as well, but not really famous ones. He mainly plays in B list movies and has a short IMDB list when it ...Read More

Emily Browning Biography

Emily Browning is an Australian born actress and singer. She started her career fairly young and had a few breakout performances in her native land of Australia. Her first major role was in a TV film called “The Echo of Thunder” (1998), which did ...Read More

Lauren German Biography

Lauren German is an American actress. She is famous for appearing in a number of horror movies. But she also has a bigger career on TV. She stars in a lot of detective and crime shows. Lauren started her career on stage and her ...Read More

Tom Ellis Wife, Age, Height, Biography

Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor who has recently been getting a lot of buzzes. He is mostly recognized for playing the title character of Lucifer in Fox’s “Lucifer”. He also appears on “Miranda” as Gary Preston. Tom Ellis has mostly appeared on British ...Read More

David Tennant Biography

David Tennant is a Scottish actor and voice actor famous for many appearances in British and American Shows. Probably his most famous role is playing the Doctor on “Doctor Who”. He played the tenth incarnation of the legendary Doctor and stayed on the show ...Read More

Carrie-Anne Moss Biography

Carrie-Anne Moss is a proclaimed Canadian actress. She rose to fame with her role as Trinity in the Matrix trilogy and is mostly remembered for that role. But she has a number of other titles to her name, both on TV and in the ...Read More