Alaina Marie Mathers Biography

Most people recognize Alaina Marie Mathers for the fact that rap icon Eminem, who we also know as Marshall Mathers, adopted her.  Alaina’s biological mother is actually the sister of Eminem’s former wife Dawn. Dawn Scott was a substance abuser and had legal issues through her life. Dawn Scott and Eminem’s former wife Kim Scott were actually twin sisters, so when Dawn started hitting the rough patch of her life in the mid-2000s Eminem and Kim gladly adopted Alaina as their daughter and have been raising her ever since.

But the life of a rap star is really complicated and thus was the marriage of Eminem as well. He has married and divorced his estranged wife two times already. When they started dating Kim got pregnant and they got their first daughter Halie, which Eminem is extremely fond of. They broke up for a while in 1996 but got together in 1998. The couple finally tied the knot in 2000, but since Kim had an affair during that period it caused them to divorce some time later. They got together and married one more time in 2006 but the marriage lasted only a few months as they got separated once again and another divorce ensued.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers remains in custody of Eminem as after the divorce between him and Kim he got the custody of Alaina. Eminem is also raising Kim’s daughter that she had with another man called Whitney Scott Mathers. Alaina, Halie and Whitney regard themselves as sisters although they are technically cousins. But Eminem has raised them all as a part of his family. Even though he is reluctant to share some parts of his life it is clear how big his devotion to his daughters actually is. You can see many of his songs devoted to his daughters and the ones that he addressed to Alaina Marie include the ones called “Mockingbird” and “Déjà vu.”

Otherwise, Alaina Marie Mathers is a minor celebrity as most people know her for her famous foster father. She has not made a career for herself and mainly keeps things private about her life. Fans can often see with Eminem and her other siblings as she keeps a tight relationship with all of them.

Alaina Marie Mathers Net Worth and Salary

Alaina Marie Mathers is not familiar to the public for her popularity related to any branch of business. She is still fairly young and has not made a name for herself outside than the fact that she is Eminem’s adopted daughter. Her salary is unknown as it is not certain what kind of a job she has. It is more than likely that she does not hold a position currently which might change for the future. Thus her net worth is currently hard to figure out, but as Eminem is worth 170 million dollars, it seems that both Alaina and her sisters are settled for life.

Partner and Family – Biological Parents

Eminem and his daughter Alaina Marie Mathers

The extensive family of Alaina Marie Mathers connects her to the Mathers family, but there is a lot of estranged affairs and much tumult in her life. Her biological mother is actually Dawn Scott, who is the twin sister of Kim Scott who is now Eminem’s former wife.

Dawn Scott was a struggling drug abuser and had legal issues for most of her life. This was the reason that lead Eminem and Kim to adopt Alaina at an early age as Dawn was not fit to care for her daughter. Finally, Dawn died due to a heroin overdose in 2016. Kim Scott is Alaina’s foster mother but biologically speaking she is her aunt. After the divorce between Kim and Eminem she lost her custody to Alaina and Eminem now has sole custody of Alaina and her two sisters.

The biological daughter of Eminem and Kim is Halie, who Alaina regards as her own sister even though they are cousins. The third one is Whitney Scott, who is the biological daughter of Kim Scott that she had with Eric Hatter. Eminem has the custody of all three of them and is taking care of them equally as he shares a great relationship with all of them as you can see from his songs that he sings about them. The real biological father of Alaina Marie Mathers is unknown.

Is Alaina Marie Mathers Married?

Alaina Marie Mathers is not married. Although her life wasn’t easy from her early age, she is finally enjoying some stability in her early 20s. But she has yet to form a stable relationship as there are no reports of any boyfriends or any kind of affairs that she had. The former boyfriends that some sources sppoted her with were mainly unknown people so it is hard to track who she might be dating now. But as things stand, Alaina is single and is still waiting for the right opportunity to come.

Eminem’s family

Alaina Marie Mathers Age

Alaina Marie Mathers is still fairly young as she was born on 3rd May 1993, which makes her current age 24. It is hard to find information about her background and education  online. Reason for this could be lie in the struggling life that she had with her drug-addicted mother.

Height and Weight

Alaina Marie Mathers has an attractive figure and many people consider her  a very cute girl. She is still in her early 20’s so she is able to maintain a good enough physique. Alaina is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and her weight is 60 kg. She never had any problems with weight loss and the rumors about that are only speculatory. Her natural hair color is brown and she has hazel eyes.

Is Alaina Marie Mathers a Lesbian?

Even with the fact that the dating life of Alaina Marie Mathers is not as known as you would want it to be, there are no evidence of her being a lesbian. It is pretty rare to see her in the company of men and there are some pictures of her with her past boyfriends. But at the same time you can also see her in the company of her sisters and her friends. And of course Eminem. The rumors about her being gay are only going to remain rumors. She has had relationship with men before and she is heterosexual.

Eminem’s daughter Alaina Marie Mathers

Nationality and Ethnicity

Alaina Marie Mathers was born in America which makes her nationality also American. Her descendants are unknown so we cannot really trace any fact about her ethnicity except that she is Caucasian. This goes to the fact that her real and biological father is still unknown. Due to the death of her mother it will probably remain to be so.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,3rd May 1993.
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,brown
Eye Color:,hazel
Height:,5 feet and 8 inches
Weight:,60 kg
Married to:,Not Yet
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Taurus

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