Alex Ojjeh Biography

Alex Ojjeh is an American investor and a successful entrepreneur. He is known for being the founder of AO asset management, a worldwide hedge company. The firm that he started is believed to be worth about $1.1 billion currently.

Alex is a person who likes doing things on his own. Even though he is really successful at what he does, he prefers doing it by himself. He detests board meetings and avoids checking his emails. He likes doing things at the beat of his own drum and prefers the “I’ll see you when I see you” approach.

So far, it has proven to work really well for him as it enabled him to get to where he is today.

Alex Ojjeh Net Worth

Being a successful figure in the investor world, Alex was able to create a very nice nest egg for himself. But he is not stopping. He is always looking for new opportunities to invest and it is what’s driving his career forward.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy and Alex knows this. To get to where he is now he had to endure a lot and he has done everything successfully. It is currently believed that he is worth $80 million as his latest net worth states. This is not a small figure for the line of business he is in.

Alex Ojjeh Age

As of the time of writing the text, Alex Ojjeh is 33 years old. He was born on January 31, 1987, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He is American based on his nationality, but he has different roots. Ojjeh is African American or Saudi Arabian based on ethnicity.

Alex Ojjeh Height and Weight

There is not a lot available about Ojjeh’s body measurements. He is not often seen in public and tends to keep a low profile. But as a person who is not fond of working with others and attending board meetings, he is prone to an unkempt lifestyle.

He detests wearing suits and does not like to dress up for occasions. Alex prefers a low key or unkempt approach. He prefers wearing plain clothes everywhere he goes and one can usually see him with a bushy beard and a baseball cap on.

Ojjeh believes that appearances are not the main part of his success but rather his actions. That’s why he is always moving around and looking for new opportunities and investments.

Alex Ojjeh Career

Alex Ojjeh decided to drop out of high school early one. But it proved as the best thing he could do as it didn’t impeach him of garnering the success he has. His first job was helping out at a corner store at age 11. At 15 he already decided that high school is not a place for him and decided to venture out on his own.

Already at 18, he got an idea of investing in a number of vending machines, which proved to be more than appropriate for him. The vending company would offer him a job after they noticed how successful he was. This prompted him to move to Indiana as part of his new job. But it was short-lived as he came back to Tennessee not long afterward as he was offered a much better position.

He became the chief technology officer at American Orient Partners. After a while, Alex would move to New York City where he raised enough capital to invest in his own company. This marked the birth of AO Assessment Management in 2014.

One of the major moves Ojjeh pulled was hiring the venture capitalists Nick Romano. This move would prove to be a bad one as it was Nick who prompted the board of directors to push Alex Ojjeh out. It was reported that the push was not easy but in the end, Alex didn’t leave empty-handed. Alex bought $60 million in stock from AO employees, living him with a pretty hefty sum which he would later invest.

Ojjeh is currently doing his own thing, which is where he feels most comfortable. He helps out various entrepreneurs who need help in keeping their business. Alex also decided to go with three startups initially for investment. These include a wholesale distribution marketplace, an industrial management startup, and an up and coming clothing line. Later he also acquired an online goods company from Bolton, England.

Alex Ojjeh Wife

There are no reports about Alex Ojjeh’s private nor romantic life. He likes keeping things on the low and is rarely seen or caught on pictures with other women. It is believed that he is unmarried and has no kids at the time. There were some girlfriends but none of them stuck for too long alongside Alex. He is immersed in his business and likes things that way.