Alexia Barroso Biography

Alexia Barroso is best known for being the step-daughter of Matt Damon, a famous Hollywood actor. Matt Damon is famous for various roles and is one of the most recognized and popular actors in Hollywood. After breaking out with roles in “The Good Will Hunting” and “Saving Private Ryan”, Matt Damon went on to have a great career. He is now recognized for roles in the “Ocean’s” franchise and also the Jason Bourne movies.

Alexia Barroso is the daughter of Matt’s wife Luciana form her first marriage. She is actually the oldest daughter that Matt and Luciana has and she loves all of them equally. Alexia is still very much young but has appeared in her first feature film “We Bought a Zoo” (2011), where she had a minor role as the zoo staff. This is her first role which she did alongside her adopted father and she claims that she liked it. She has not still confirmed whether she is going to start acting fully but she has the potential to do it.


Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

Alexia Barroso Net Worth and Salary

Alexia Barroso is still a minor and is going to school, so she does not have a job. She has had one role in a movie but we cannot really say that it is going to be profession just yet. Her net worth is in that case minimal and not so much large. Nevertheless, she has her stepdad to rely on who has a net worth of 140 million dollars, as it is estimated. She is probably set of the future and will not have to worry about money anytime soon.

Alexia Barroso Biological Father, Family Info

Alexia Barroso is the daughter of Luciana Barroso and step-daughter to actor Matt Damon. Alexia is the daughter which Luciana had in her previous marriage and got divorced from. Before Matt, Luciana was married to Arbello Barroso and eh is Alexia Barosso’s biological father. Mr. Barosso is also refeed to as Arby. But since Arby and Luciana divorced, she married Matt in 2006. They have been married for 11 years now and are enjoying a great marriage without any fights or affairs.

As for Alexia is concerned, she has three step-sisters. Matt and Luciana had children of their own which include Isabella age 10, Gia who is 7 the youngest Stella who is only 6 years old. Being the oldest, Alexia is taking care of her sisters constantly and sees them as her own family. Matt has also accepted Alexia as if she was one of his own. He enjoys spending time with her and is often seen doing fatherly stuff with her. He takes her to her soccer practice, helps her out with her driving lessons and all the regular tings that a father should do.


Alexia Barroso with family

As for boyfriends, it is not clear if Alexia is still allowed to date. Matt does not like to talk about things like that and mainly keeps things private. But he often jokes about the fact of his daughters starting to date. As for now, Alexia is not officially dating anybody but she is mostly interested in boys of her own age.

Alexia Barroso Age

Alexia Barroso was born in Argentina to her Argentinian mother and father. She was born in 2000 and her current age is 17.

Height and Weight

Alexia Barroso is now a teenager and still a minor. She is still growing and developing so her body measurements are changing year in and year out. Either way, her father and mother do not like to share information about their children and mainly keep things private about them. This is why you will find it very hard to find information about the body measurements of Alexia Barroso.


Alexia Barroso with her mother Luciana Barroso

Is Alexia Barroso a Lesbian?

Alexia Barroso is still a minor and does not have a boyfriend. But at the same time does not have a girlfriend. It has not been stated that she is a lesbian and she is still in high school. She is only dating boys of her age and mainly keeps those things quiet. Thus her sexuality is straight.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Since Alexia Barroso is not the daughter of Matt Damon, but she is the blood daughter of their mother Luciana Barroso, she inherits the nationality of her mother and father. Alexia is Argentinian by nationality and her ethnic group is Latin.

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Born:,in 2000
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Dark Brown
Married to:,No
Affair with:,No
Birth Sign:,N/A

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