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Alexis Dziena is an American actress and writer of plays. She is known for many roles in big blockbuster movies and TV shows likewise. In spite of her education and mild and ladylike temper, she has gotten parts which are unlike her true character. She has played many characters with tons of different personalities, but those crazy, jealous women or spoiled teenagers have marked her career. But is she so innocent?

Alexis Dziena Age

Alexis Dziena was born on July 8th, 1984. She was born in New York City, State of New York, USA. Her full birth name is Alexis Gabbriel Dziena.

Alexis Dziena Partner and Family Rumors

Well, Alexis Dziena partner and family are the things where her life gets tricky. What we do know is that she has a mother named Madeline Dziena, but the name of her father is not known to the public. She is not married but she was in a long-term relationship with Michael Pitt from 2000 to 2004. The rest of her personal life is pretty much closed for public.


Alexis Dziena in bikini

What we don’t know for sure is that there are some rumors shared and published by prominent “tabloid” news websites that there are big problems in those two areas of Alexis’s life. The first one was with her parents where she even tried to appeal for the restraining order in 2011. She had really serious accusations against her parents but she failed and her plea was denied. Many portals have published the news about her problems. Although the reason for those fights with her parents seem unorthodox to the “regular Joe”, accusing her parents that they want to kill her for her money are pretty serious. She stated:”I fear that he (her dad) will do anything to get my money in his hands. I believe murder or violence or manipulations are all possible outcomes.” The second problem was with her ex-boyfriend.

The second problem was with her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Francis Ausley. He claimed in 2014 that Alexis came to his doorstep with a bag of clothes ready to move in. He refused to let her in and she threatened him with cops. After that, he filed for a restraining order against Alexis Dziena. But there is one strange thing in those stories. It doesn’t add up.

The rest of her life is completely unknown to press, and we don’t even know the names of her ex-boyfriends or does she even has a boyfriend right now. Somehow all those stories look like the marketing move because she played the character in popular tv show “Entourage” which perfectly fits with those rumors. Her career and the interviews with her tell us a completely different story. In one of the interviews which came out just after the rumors had been published, her ex-ex boyfriend tried to assure everyone that nothing was true.

What are the Alexis Dziena Education and Career?

Alexis Dziena spent her childhood in the small South Jersey town of Sea Isle City. She had also attended classes at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the New York University Tisch School of Arts. She wrote, directed and played in some of the plays there. All that happened before she was 17.


“Entourage” movie

Alexis Dziena’s first TV appearance was in TNT’s Witchblade in 2002. After that, she had some minor roles in Law & Order, Low & Order: Special Victims and Joan of Arcadia. She had a big role in a movie called “She’s too Young” (2004) and she played a “sexually active teenager” in it. There was a one season show called “Invasion” in which she had also played a major role although it went almost unnoticed due to the short lifetime of the show. The show that brought her most of the “fame” was “Entourage” on the HBO in 2009.

One of the most noticeable or maybe the most noticeable role she has had was in “Fool’s Gold” (2008). We all definitely remember the hot spoiled teenage daughter of a millionaire.

Other more significant roles (and she has over 20 TV shows and feature movies behind her) were “Broken Flowers”, “When in Rome” and that role of a Russian girl in “Low and Order”. That is the role based on which there are other directors trying to get her playing the role of that caliber. In the most recent, just finished movie “Without Ward”, Alexis Dziena is playing a deaf girl falling in love with the boy from the across the street.

Alexis Dziena Net Worth and Salary

The approximate net worth of the famous American actress Alexis Dziena is $3 Million.


Alexis Dziena

Alexis Dziena is Lesbian?

There were lots of false rumors around the Alexis Dziena but none about her sexuality. The Alexis is most certainly not lesbian.

Alexis Dziena Ethnicity

Alexis Dziena is white and she has diverse origins. Her ethnicity can be characterized as a triple one. She has Irish, Italian and Polish ancestry.

Alexis Dziena Has a Special Diet Plan?

Because of her slim figure, Alexis Dziena’s name appears in lots of articles about diet plans. Her body is being used as some kind of a role model for readers. And we don’t have anything against that. She is one of those women that look beautiful no matter what they wear.


Alexis Dziena in black dress

Alexis Dziena Measurements

Alexis Dziena is 5’2” tall (157cm). She has an average body weight of 112lbs (51kg). Body measurements are 32-23-33, her bra size is 32B, her waist size is 23 inches and she has an hourglass body shape. Alexis has hazel eyes and light brown hair.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,July 8th 1984.
Net Worth:,$3 Million
Hair Color:,light brown
Eye Color:,hazel
Height:,5’2” (157cm)
Weight:,112 lbs (51kg)
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,Jeffrey Francis Ausley
Birth Sign:,Cancer

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