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Alison Berns Stern is an ex-wife of a famous radio host, director, producer, writer and television star Howard Stern. Except that, she also worked on a couple of projects as an actress, but mostly on projects led by her ex-husband.

Furthermore, we know Alison Berns for “U.S. Open Sores”, “Negligee and Underpants Party (1988)” and “Private Parts (1997)”. All those movies are comedies and you have Howard Stern in the main role. None of those movies got good ratings from critics but are at the same time memorable. There is no way that you can forget any of the scenes, especially the “Private parts” scenes. Great comedies but a little bit “over the top”.

Alison Berns Age

Alison was born on May 26, 1954, in Massachusetts, USA. At the time of writing this article, she is 63 years old.

Alison Berns Net Worth

The approximate net worth of the Alison Berns, Howard Stern’s ex-wife is rough $20 million.

Alison Berns Husband and Family

All information about the family of Alison Berns is restricted solely to the time she spent with Howard Stern. It was a good marriage as long as it lasted and complications started because of his job and the passion he has towards it.


Weeding June 4. 1978. (Alison Berns and Howard Sterns)

At the time they met, Howard did everything he could to become a professional radio host, or to be involved in any radio broadcasting service he could find, only to develop some skill. His average school grades were not high enough so he had to spend two years in the College of Basic Studies.

During the second year of his college, he was finally able to work at campus radio station WTBU, where he played records, read the news, hosted programs etc. Later he even hosted his own comedy show with a couple of friends.

During the time of his studies, Alison’s ex-husband Howard Stern used cannabis, Quaaludes, and LSD.

He finally got the admission to the university’s School of Public Communications in 1974. He even got the first class radiotelephone operator license in 1975, which is required for all the radio broadcasters at that time and it was issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

That license helped him find his first real job at WNTN in Newton and in 1976 he finally graduated with a 3.8-grade point average. His major was broadcasting and film.

How did Alison Berns and Howard Stern Meet?

Alison and Howard met at Boston University. Alison Berns also studied at the Boston University and she graduated from there in 1976. After that, she continued her studies at the Columbia University. Boston University was the place she met her future husband. They met thanks to their mutual friend and started working on the student film “Transcendental Meditation”. They went on to their first date and Alison Berns became Howard’s first love.


Alison Berns with daughter Emily and husband Howard

Alison Berns Spouse

They married on June 4, 1978, in Brookline, Massachusetts. According to some sources, the couple wedded at Temple Ohabei Shalom. That is the oldest Jewish congregation in Massachusetts and the third oldest in New England. A large, Reform Synagogue.

The couple has three daughters: Emily Beth born in 1983, Debra Jennifer born in 1986, and Ashley Jade born in 1993. The marriage lasted over twenty years and we could hear everything about their relationship on the air, directly from the Howard Stern.

The job her ex-husband had taken the toll. They had a beautiful marriage, and Alison Berns tried to be there for him on every single step of the way, but Howard took his job with a big bite of neurosis. He was completely obsessed with his job and he openly talked about it on the air. Every single problem or fight he had with his wife was described on his radio shows. And of course, the couple decided to split in 2001.


Alison Berns and Howard Sterns

Alison Berns and David Simon

After they officially split, Alison Berns remarried to David Simon on November 23, 2001. They now live happily, and she is a PR manager in David Simon’s company. Similarly, Howard Stern also married in 2008. He now lives more cleverly and he is trying to control himself. Howard married model and television host Beth Ostrosky.

Nevertheless, the culmination of their problems is not just the divorce. The life they had or the way of life Howard chose to have, practically destroyed the lives of his daughters. Emily gave an interview for “New York Post” that she doesn’t know how to connect with men because of her father.

If you watched or listened to his shows you would understand. She stated that she rarely goes on dates and “my dad’s emphasis on sexuality kept me out of the dating ring (when I was younger).”

Howard also openly spoke “on air” that he and his wife often fought so hard that they made their children cry. He later gave a statement for the “Newsday” in which he said “My marriage ending blew my mind. I was upset that I failed and let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife. It was very painful.”

Alison Berns Education and Career

Since Alison was born in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA, she completed the Newton North High School, Newton, Massachusetts. Later on, she attended Boston University and graduated, the same year as Howard, in 1976. After that, she continued with Columbia University. She graduated with a degree in social works.

With Howard Stern, she started being an actress and had roles in some of his movies. In some point during their marriage (according to the interview her daughter Emily gave) she went back to her own profession, being a Psychoanalyst. In Emily’s words:

Maybe he (Howard) couldn’t handle it when she went back to work as a psychoanalyst.


Alison Berns and her ex-husband


Alison Berns Measurements

We couldn’t find the actual proportions and weight,however we are certain that Alison is 5ft 6in tall (168cm).

What is Alison’s Ethnicity?

Alison is white and she is the citizen of the United States of America. We are not sure about her ancestry.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,May 26. 1954.
Net Worth:,$20 Million
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Haze
Height:,5ft 6in (168cm)
Married to:,David Scott Simon (2001) Howard Stern (1978-2001)
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,3 (Emily Beth Stern – Deborah Jennifer Stern – Ashley Jade Stern )
Birth Sign:,N/A
Education:,Boston University / Columbia University

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