All Night Long by Radiofix – Lyrics & Single Review

Phoenix-based R’N’R band Radiofix just released their newest single titled “All Night Long.” The song will promptly be followed by a video, as the band has stated.

Romantics will relate to this song as it describes the struggles that people who are in a relationship go through. It directly digs into the topic where individual circumstances and goals clash together with the determination of staying together.

Martin’s vocals are the pinnacle of the song. He manages to bring together Eddie Vedder’s dexterity and heartfelt sincerity. The chorus brings everything to the next level with soulful grit, something that rock purists will appreciate.

The solo comes halfway into the song and is yet another highlight. It is carefully and melodically constructed and gives a balance to general instrumentalization.

Generally speaking, it is an organic, American-type of rock song that is pretty upbeat, which will keep the listeners moving. With this song, Radiofix manages to reinvigorate the status of modern rock for the new decade.

All Night Long Lyrics

She lies awake at night her eyes as bright as the stars, her heart as dark as the night they hang on
She says “I just don’t get it, every chance you get you leave me alone, I’ll keep you close to my heart in the hopes that you’re not gone all night long”
And I waited for you, I can’t wait anymore
And I break myself in two, take the half that you want
Her love is locked up tight in the dark where no one can find, knows it won’t get caught up and torn apart that way
I said “I just don’t get it, every time you’re here, you fly, you’re gone, I hope before it’s too late fall to me so that I’m not alone, all night long”

Radiofix Info

Radiofix is based in Phoenix, Arizona and comprises three members: Daniel Martin (vocals/guitar), Jorge Gutierrez Jr. (drums), Benjamin Thurston (bass).

The band was formed back in 2013 and the current lineup has been together for seven years now. They made their debut by releasing their first single “Already Gone.” The band has mostly performed regionally and has released several albums and singles by now.

They perform regularly in California and Rocky Point, Mexico. Besides playing their original songs they don’t shy away from covers. They exclaim their influences being bands like Led Zeppelin, Counting Crows, Pink Floyd, and Pearl Jam.

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