Amira Lombard – Broken Angel Review

At a time of need for the entire world, Amira has decided to release her first EP titled “Broken Angel.” It is a five-track EP that besides the title song contains four more dubbed “Edge,” “Until I Come Home,” “Better,” and “I Live for You.”

As Amira states, the idea behind creating Broken Angel lies behind giving somebody hopes to people who have faced a bad situation. It is supposed to lift you up when you are at your worst and when you think that there is no way out. A Broken Angel is a person who has been broken, shattered, devoid of all happiness and meaning in life, as Amira states.

The EP “Broken Angel” uses each song to add a very strong but encouraging sound to the overall record. The title song is also a personal one for Amira. It was written some ten years ago and is meant to depict the period when and her family were battling the recession. The song was reworked and modernized a bit to fit the current situation. And it actually does of fine job of making it. It is a prime piece of her debut record.


Amira Lombard, simply known as Amira, hails from Richmond, VA. She is a singer-songwriter and actually started learning how to play at the age of 15. She learned playing the guitar by herself and was immediately fascinated by the world of music. However, due to school and family struggles she put her career on hold. She came back by founding a duo with Austin Riley and later joined a local cover band called IMT. Amira released her first single called “Send Me a Sign” last year, but she will re-release it this year.

Broken Angel is now available for download at all major platforms. And if you want to see Amira perform live she plans to do a lot of touring after the COVID-19 pandemic settles down.

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