Amy Reimann Parents, Net Worth, Age

Amy Reimann works as an interior designers and is a former cheerleader for the Wildcat Dancers of the university of Kentucky. She is actually much more famous as a wife of the NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Her husband was voted as National Motorsports Press Association Most Popular Driver Award in Las Vegas for 14 years running and is the best that this industry has to bring.

Amy Reimann attended the University of Kentucky where she studied interior design. In addition, she became a cheerleader for the Wildcats dancers’ team while she was at the university. Although she is very beautiful and sexy, she decided to pursue a career in design and went to work for Wakefield Beasley. This is a private architecture and planning company where Amy began her work. She left cheer-leading all-together and stated that it was just a part of her life which she has tried to do. Amy Reimann has taken her job very seriously and it brought her a promotion when she got a job at Charlotte Studio as a director. She is still employed there and working hard to further her career.

Amy Reimann Age

Amy Reimann’ date of birth is March, 1982, which makes her current age 35. She was born and raised in Texas to a mother Anna Reinmann and father Jeffrey Reimann. She would then go on to attend the University of Kentucky where she got her BA as an interior designer.


Amy Reimann with friends


Amy Reimann Net Worth and Salary

Amy Reimann is still young for her industry and is developing her skills as she works on a position which is constantly growing. She has decided to focus on her job. Moreover, Amy also leads a great life with her very popular husband. There is no information about her salary, but it is obvious that she got a massive increase when she became a director at her current firm. Although her husband has a net worth calculated in millions, her worth is much lesser than that. But she is building her way of a professional success and will probably get an increase if she continues the great work that she has been doing.

Amy Reimann Partner and Parents

Her parents are Jeffrey and Anna Reimann, both Americans. Most people knows Amy Reimann as the wife of the acclaimed NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. However, this is actually her second marriage. When she was young, Amy married her long time college boyfriend Tommy Cook, a football player. Tommy is a former wider receiver from the University of Kentucky and since he was the star player of the team and Amy was the cheerleader. Eventually, they got together and started dating. This story does sound cliché, but they became sweethearts and after a long period of dating got married in 2008. Nevertheless, things did not go so well in real life as they did once they were in college together so they got a divorce in the same year.


Amy Reimann and Dale Earnhardt Jr – wedding

It was the coming year when Amy met Dale. He hired to Amy decorate his house. At the time she did not know anything  racer car driving and let alone NASCAR to begin with. But after they met during this occasion they also started dating and they continued so for six years. The couple finally got engaged in 2015 when Dale asked the faithful question and Amy reacted positively and agreed to marry him. They are now living together very happily.  Dale and Amy still do not have any children but there is enough time in front of them to plan it out.



Amy Reimann today

Amy Reimann Height and Weight

Being a cheerleader certainly helps Amy Reimann’s looks. She has always been very beautify and sexy and it is the reason why she got into cheerleading as well. But her looks still remain and she looks much younger than she actually is. Thanks to her working out and eating properly she has managed to maintain the awesome figure. Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches and she has blonde hear and perfect measurements.

Is Amy Reimann a Lesbian?

There were some rumors about Amy Reimann as a lesbian, but all of those rumors were dismised due to the fact that she has been already married for two times. She has had a lustrous career as a cheerlead and married the star player of the team. And her newest marriage to the biggest star of the NASCAR industry is reason enough to believe that she is a heterosexual woman and that she is not interested in girls.


Amy Reimann and her husband Dale Earnhardt Jr

Nationality and Ethnicity

Amy Reimann is an American as they come. Her stance and looks exemplify the true southern beauty and a girl from Texas. She holds an American citizenship by birth. Additionally, Amy is a Caucasian woman by ethnicity.

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Born:, 1982. March 25.
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Blonde
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:,5 feet and 8 inches
Married to:,Dale Earnhardt Jr
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Aries
Education:,University of Kentucky

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