Andrew Pruett Biography

Who Is Andrew Pruett and What Is He Known For?

Andrew Pruett is an American business star and Executive Producer and is well known for matters related to advertising. At the start of his career, he joined Disney Interactive Media group and became a director in advertising in 2007.

He was a leader of digital market sales, which include sites such as,, iParenting, and among others. Andrew is the CEO and the co-owner of NRG, the Esports organization. Before becoming the CEO, he worked in Apple Inc. as a leader of western & south central US Advertising. Shortly afterward, he was promoted to global head of iAd Publisher Relations.

Since January 2016, some of the investors of the NRG company include celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Shaquille O’Neil, Ryan Howard, Alex Rodriguez, and many others.

Despite being an excellent businessman, the majority of people outside the business field can comfortably recognize him as the ex-spouse of American actress Abigal Spencer.


Andrew Pruett and Abigail Spencer

Andrew Pruett was born in the US and also raised in the US. In 1995 Andrew earned a degree in science, broadcasting-TV, film, and Radio from John Brown University with a highly respectable score of 3.8 GPA.

Andrew’s favorite celebrities are actor Bruce Lee and actress Emma Watson. His favorite color is white and he enjoys having continental food. Some of his hobbies include bike riding, which he is crazy about, and spends quite some time doing photography, another big passion of his.

Pruett has expressed disdain about being in the spotlight. He does not have any social media accounts at the moment. He does not use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

How Much Is Andrew Pruett Net Worth and How Much Is His Salary?

Pruett has been rewarded quite generously during his CEO years, which should not be surprising since he had a career that would impress most people. Some records suggest that as a CEO, Andrew’s annual income and earnings go beyond $500,000.


Andrew Pruett

Andrew Pruett net worth is estimated to be well over $2 million. With such earnings, he can afford to live quite a luxurious lifestyle.

Andrew Pruett’s Partners and Family

Andrew Pruett is currently divorced. Before that, he has been married to a famous American actress, Abigal Spencer. The former love birds met the very first time in the 2000s, as their mutual friend aided in arranging the meeting.


Andrew Pruett’s ex-wife Abigail Spencer and their son

They dated a couple of months and eventually got engaged midsummer in 2004. The same year, the couple said yes in a private ceremony alongside their families and friends. A couple of years afterward, in 2008, Andrew became a dad. His first child, a son named Roman was born.

Marriage was not working out properly, and in early 2012, the couple decided to live separate, private lives. In 2013 their divorce was completed.

Abigal Spencer, now ex-wife of Andrew, won the custody of their son and settled to co-parent their child. After the divorce has been finalized, Spencer was associated with American actor Josh Pence, while on the other side, Andrew Pruett started seeing and eventually dating Hollywood diva and a singer, Kristin Dawn Chenoweth.


Andrew Pruett and Kristin Dawn Chenoweth

They seem very happy with each other and suggest no separation. Andrew hasn’t had an affair before nor after the marriage. No further records of his parents and siblings exist since he tends to keep such things private.

How Old Is He and What Is His Zodiac Sign?

Andrew Pruett is 39 years old and was born on February 1, 1980. His Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Height & Weight

Andrew Pruett has an average height, which is 5 feet 9 inches(1.76m) and weighs 73kg(160lb). He has a symmetrical face and a well-shaped body. His muscles, specifically biceps measure 12.5 inches, upper body – 41 inches, and waist – 32 inches. Andrew has blue eyes and long blond hair.

Nationality & Ethnicity of Andrew Pruett

Andrew Pruett’s nationality is American and he is of Caucasian ethnicity. He strongly follows the Christian religion; he is Catholic.

Biography & Facts
Born: 1 February 1980
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Christian (Catholic)
Profession: Business star and Executive Producer
Net Worth: $2 million
Salary: $500000
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 feet 9 inches(1.76m)
Weight: 73kg(160lb)
Married to: No (divorced)
Affair with: No
Children: son Roman
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Education: N/A