Angelique Boyer Age, Parents, Husband

Angelique Boyer is a French-Mexican actress and a singer, who mostly appears in Mexican and Latin American telenovelas. She started off her career while still very young. She actually enrolled in the Centro de Education Artistica when she was only 8 years old. She graduated when she was 12 and during that time has managed to form a musical group named “Rabanitos Verdes”. She started her acting career in the show titled “Rebelde” where Angelique Boyer played the part of Victoria “Vico” Paz, as a recurring role. During her time at the show, she also formed a group with her co-stars named C3Q’S. Her other roles in that period were in series “Ojectos Perdidos”, where she appeared for two seasons, and “Muchachitas Como Tu”, where she also had a recurring role.

Angelique Boyer has always been known as a sweet and loving girls, and you could tell that based on her roles. But in 2009 she successfully transitioned to more serious roles which became demanding. This also meant that her popularity was rising and that she was ready for more mature acting. She was cast in “Mujeres Asesinas” first and also appeared on “Alma de Hierro” and “Corazon Slavaje” in a recurring role. In 2010 Angelique got her first main role as Teresa Chávez Aguirre in the telenovela called “Teresa”. After that the main roles started piling up and she was cast in “Abismo de Pasion”, “Lo Que la Vida me Robo” and “Tres veces Ana”.


Angelique Boyer as Teresa Chávez Aguirre in the telenovela “Teresa”

Angelique Boyer Net Worth and Salary

With her steady rise as an actress, Angelique Boyer has been getting more and more roles. She has transitioned to serious roles very easily and appears to have done that in a very natural way which helped her to gain a higher salary and more income to her. As it is estimated based on the current calculations, Angelique is estimated to be worth about 6 million dollars. We see her being worth even more with the newest projects that are being lined up for her.

Does Angelique Boyer Has a Husband?


Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer is still not married and she does not have any children. But her dating career is at its peak and she does not mind sharing or being seen in public with her boyfriends. In 2011, she was in a relationship with Jose Alberto Castro, who is a well-known producer and a director. They were together for 3 years but decided to breakup in 2014. After that Angelique got involved with her fellow co-star Sebastián Rulli, who is not only an actor but also a model. They met on the set of “Lo Que la Vida me Robo” and started dating immediately after she broke up with Castro. She is still with Rulli and Angelique has stated that she would not mind to marry him and start a much more serious relationship. But for now they remain boyfriend and girlfriend, and we will see what lies ahead for them.

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Angelique Boyer Age

Angelique Boyer was born in France, more precisely in Saint-Claud, Jura. But she would move to Mexico while she was very young, actually only 2 years old. Her mother and father are Patrick Boyer and Sylvie Rousseau. Angelique’s full name is Angelique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau and her birthday is on July 4, 1988. This makes her 29 years old currently which means that she has a lot of time to get new roles and become an even better actress.


Rabanitos Verdes

Height and Weight

Angelique Boyer is a very beautiful and sexy actress. Her looks are the main part of her character. She appears in various Latin telenovelas and is very popular because of that, but her popularity also comes because of her style and her great looks. She is very hot and beautiful at the same time and has gotten the attention of a lot of men. She weighs only 49 kg and is 165 cm tall, which is very balanced and appropriate. Her measurements are pretty good as well and they come to 32-24-34 inches.

Is Angelique Boyer a Lesbian?

Angelique Boyer is not a lesbian. She is inserted in men and her dating record is here to claim that. She has had many relationships with men and does not mind to keep her relations public. So she enjoys being in the public eye for that matter and from there we see that her interest in men is legit. She is a heterosexual woman and prefers the company of men.


Angelique Boyer in bikini

Nationality and Ethnicity

Angelique Boyer is labeled as a French-Mexican. She was born in France but has grown up and spent most of her life in Mexico. But her ethnic background is Latin.

Biography & Facts
Born: July 4 1988
Nationality: French-Mexican
Ethnicity: Latin
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actress / Singer
Net Worth: $6 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Married to: No
Affair with: N/A
Children: No
Birth Sign: Cancer
Education: N/A