Anjelah Johnson Embarking on her New Tour

Anjelah Johnson is getting ready to start her new tour of comedy stand up shows. The latest one on her list is the addition of County Fair in Del Mar, where Anjelah is getting ready to rock the crowd and give her latest sketch show. Anjelah rose to prominence with her Vietnamese nail saloon lady bit, which got her a job at Mad TV, where she portrayed rude fast food employee “Bon Qui Qui”.

She went on the make a successful comedy career and you can see her specials streaming on Netflix now, and we do say that they are hilarious. Anjelah Johnson says that she has drawn her inspiration for her newest set from her traditional Mexican upbringing, her family and her newest role as a mum.

Richard Rawlings Preparing for a new Show with a Local Man

Richard Rawlings has become a household name after appearing on Discovery and for his show “Fast N Loud.” But this time he is teaming up with a common local man for a new show called “Garage Rehab.” Russell J. Holms is a local man from North Fork and is 43 years old. He has always shared his affection to cars and tinkering with various stuff related to them. He has even gotten his two sons interested in it as they are always around him wanting to help or learn.

Well, he has finally gotten his big break as he will be making a show of his dreams alongside one of the greats in Richard Rawlings. Russell and Rawlings are going to partner up in a show which will include coming down with their crew to your garage or place of business and overhauling it. They will renew and arrange everything so you can use your garage as best as possible. The show still does not have an air time but we expect it to get soon. This is a great idea both for Rawlings and for Russell as they are both getting something new from this.


Alex Sensation Signs Deal with Magnus Talen Agency

The Colombian-born SBS DJ, Alex Sensation, has just signed a lucrative deal with Magnus Talent Agency. This is going to make him available for exclusive booking and make his reputation even bigger. This means that all of the Alex’s performances, recordings and other public appearances are going to be handled from now on by Magnus Talent Agency. Alex Sensation has a record deal with In-Tu-Linea, an indie label distributed by UMLE, and he is getting ready to release his solo album pretty soon.

MTA is still a young company and it was founded as part of Magnus Media by Marc Anthony. Besides Alex Sensation they have already signed a number of people which include Zona, Motiff, Nacho, Il Volo and many others. Sensation had this to say after singing the deal, “I’m very grateful to Marc and his team for making me feel at home and for being part of an exciting new chapter in my career.”


DJ Alex Sensation

Nia Malika-Henderson’s Response to Kellyanne Conway Meme

The White House is getting more and more attention and people are starting to treat much of it as a joke. During the Sean Hannity’s nightly show, Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was a guest there and brought some visual aids in order to make things more clear for the public. She immediately fell as a victim to internet trolls as her performance was turned into a meme. The meme became a sensation as it usually does on the internet and the reputation of the White House started slopping again.

Meanwhile Nia Malika-Henderson and Jake Tapper watched this bizarre performance and Jake simply exclaimed “I don’t know what to say.” Nia was more elaborate on that as she said “Shout-out to Grover.” She then went on to explain herself by stating “That’s probably the best thing I can say about that… I think it’s clearly a work in progress, them trying to figure out how to respond to this.” She went on to explain that Donald Trump is trying to convince everyone that this is a democratic hoax. Nia says that if this is what they are resorting to it leaves them in a lot of trouble. They have to figure things out and give a better response about this and not leave things like this.


Nia-Malika Henderson (Twitter picture)

Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman Happy of Playing the Role of Grandparents

Henry Winkler, or as we all know him the Fonz on “Happy Days,” is now enjoying being a grandpa. His wife Stacey Weitzman stated that her husband is now playing a much bigger role in life, that of being a good grandpa. Both her and Henry have embraced it and are thoroughly happy to take care of the kids when they have to. Henry is 71 and Stacey is 69 and they have been together for 40 years now.

They have two children together, Zoe Emily Winkler and Max Winkler, and they both have their own children which Henry and Stacey are happy to hang out with. Recently while one of the boys was staying with them, he was allowed to see one show on TV before he goes to bed. So he has episodes of the “Happy Days” on his DVR. When the kid saw Henry he turned to him and said “‘That’s you. Your hair was different. You were skinnier then,'” It was so cute to see that, as Stacey has said.


Stacey Weitzman with her husband