Annabel Bowlen Leads the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Annabel Bowlen led the walk at the City Park on behalf of her family and her husband’s Broncos organization. The event is an annual gathering organized by the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado, where people are razing awareness but more importantly raising money to fight against this disease. There were over 10,000 people who showed up at the park this year, but none other were as memorable and as important as Annabel Bowlen, the wife of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen. Annabel actually helped a lot as she helped raise over $100,000 during the walk on behalf of Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen. While on the other hand Broncos players, coaches and staff raised nearly $50,000. This amount was later matched but the Broncos organization. All in all, it is an incredible feat which will help people who are suffering from or are affected by this illness.

Khatira Rafiqzada and Michael Ealy Show the First Picture of their Newborn

Actor Michael Ealy and his wife Khatira Rafiqzada, with who he has been for over 5 years now, are not known for being too much public. But with the birth of their second child, they decided to bring the news in a very sensitive way. The couple released a heart-tugging picture of them holding the tiny toes of their newborn daughter. This is the second child that Khatira and Michael have together as they already have a son. Khatira and Michael are known for keeping their private affairs very secret. Michael has managed to keep both his wedding and the birth of his previous child a secret and has only announced it when he deemed it fit. This picture is probably the best way to say that they are proud parents once again.


The Demise of a Fluffy Gangster

Gabriel Iglesias is many things, but you would not really say that he is gangster material. But the Mexican born comedian managed to prove us wrong, even though it was for only a few minutes. The third season of “Narcos” has just started streaming on Netflix, and fans of Iglesias will notice that Gabriel appears in the third episode and is titled as the Hair Saloon Gangster #4. Gabriel only appears on the screen for 40 seconds in total before he is gun down, but still manages to put a memorable performance during that time. His wife, Claudia Valdez, went on to say that her husband appears there as a Fluffy Gangster, as Gabriel often describes himself as fluffy and not obese. Either way, it shows us that Gabriel Iglesias is not your mere standup comedian as he can show great acting skills when it comes to more serious things.

Anjelah Johnson Talks about her Influences for Her New Special


Anjelah Johnson has come a long way after the days at the MadTV show. She has been mostly recognized by doing two very important bits and some would say that it is why she became famous in the first place. The character of Bon Qui Qui which she portrayed in the show became a legendary bit that she still cannot escape from even till this day. But she has embraced it and sees it as an important factor for her career. After releasing her fourth and latest standup special, titled “Mahalo and Goodbye,” Anjelah talks about her influences. She actually praises her mother and husband, singer Manwell Reyes. These two are perhaps the most important figures in Anjelah’s life so far and she credits them both in helping her get a new hour out.

Gucci Mane’s Clothing Line Finally Out


Approximately a year ago, the rapper Gucci Mane has announced that his clothing line will come out. Now, he finally delivers on that promise as the clothing line for men bearing his name is out now. The line was designed by ex-Supreme creatives Peter and Patty Chung. The clothing line is titled Delantic and it features a number of t-shirts which sees various styles which have graphic elements which point to the Trap God. There is a design which sees Gucci in a fur coat with an ankle brace on his leg, a holiday theme shirt and one with a “Trap God Saves” logo. All of the t-shirts are priced around $40.

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