Ashley Jade Stern Net Worth, Age, Bio

Ashely Jade Stern is the third and youngest daughter of the controversial radio host celebrity, Howard Stern and Alison Berns. She has two older sisters, Deborah and Emily, who may have had it better compared to the youngest one, Ashley.

Ashley’s life was greatly affected due to the celebrity status of her family, namely her father. Being the youngest member of the family, it appears that she was affected by the divorce between her parents the most.

Her celebrity status mainly lingers on her being the daughter of Howard Stern and she is mostly recognized because of that. But both she and her sisters have stated numerous times that the name that they carry was a curse and not really a blessing most of the time.

Due to the eccentric behavior of her father and her mother divorcing after 20 years of marriage, Ashley has suffered and like all of her sisters is trying to move on with her life separately now.


Ashley Jade Stern Net Worth

Her father may be ultra-popular and has earned a lot of money during his time, so Ashley Jade Stern’s net worth is still not bad. Since she was able to get through because of her famous heritage and family name, Ashely also started acting and appeared in some shows. We can’t really say how successful it was but it was enough to get her a net worth of 300,000 USD as of 2019.

This is, of course, nothing if we compare it to her father’s net worth rating who is still worth about 650 million dollars and an annual salary of 90 million dollars.

Ashley Jade Stern Age

Ashley Jade Stern was born on 24 January 1993, making her 26 years old currently. Like her sisters, she was born in Old Westbury, in Long Island, New York, the US to father Howard Stern and mother Alison Berns.

Her two older siblings are Deborah Jennifer Stern and Emily Beth Stern. All of them grew up together but when Ashely was 15 her parents separated and got a divorce which greatly affected her life down the road.


Ashely Jade Stern Career

Being the daughter of a famous celebrity, Ashley Jade Stern decided to follow in the same footsteps as her father. Although she went for a different approach she still decided to remain in show business and test herself in Hollywood. She started acting and appearing in her first role in 2001 with a minor role in a movie called When I Was Twelve. She also appeared in a movie called About a Girl.

Ashley had more success on television with more appearances on TV shows in various roles. In 2001 she appeared in a television show called Bob & Rose. The success that she had with this role opened more doors for her and she started appearing in various directions to TV movies.

You can see her in Casualty, The Stratford Wives, What Little Girls are Made Of and Blood Strangers. Other notable roles include appearances on Anthem Alert, On the Run, Let Me Be Your Fantasy, Set You Free and the latest Success Is In The Can.

Besides acting, Ashley has also started singing. It appears that a beautiful voice runs in the family as Ashley has decided to follow in her older sister’s footsteps. The same as Emily, Ashley has recently released her first album called Dreaming.

Ashley Jade Stern Marriage


Ashley Jade Stern is in the middle, she is wearing a wedding dress

Even though Ashley Jade Stern deserves a celebrity status, she does not have a celebrity boyfriend. In fact, there is no confirmation as of now that she even has one. There have been boyfriends in the past but nothing serious that ended up in an engagement nor marriage.

Ashley is still young and probably the last time she was publicly seen with a boyfriend was at her older sister’s wedding. There have been some rumors flying around of her being gay, but those claims have been put to rest by her father. Howard Stern has publicly disregarded that fact and now we know that Ashley Jade Stern is definitely heterosexual.

Update: In the meantime, we found a few photos from the wedding of one of the Stern sisters. There are just a few photos and it is not easy to tell which one of them got married, but only Ashley is wearing something that looks like a wedding dress, so we assume that she’s married now.

Ashley Jade Stern Family Issues

There are no secrets when it comes to Ashely Jade Stern and her family problems. Both she and her sisters have stated numerous times how problematic it is to be a part of the Stern family. All of them, and particularly Ashley, were affected by the life their father led. He has been a celebrity for a very long time and everybody knows his nature and the way he behaves, but it does not boast well for his family him behaving like that.

As far as Ashley’s mother goes, Alison Berns, she says that she has a good relationship with her real mother. The two of them are often seen together and they do seem happy. But when it comes to her stepmom, Beth Stern, Ashely does not hide her dislike towards her. All three of the Stern sisters have stated many times that there is no love lost between them and their stepmother.

Instagram Profile

Ashley has an Instagram account, you can find it here.

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