Ato Essandoh to Play a Jewish Doctor on Chicago Med

Ato Essandoh is adding another acting credit to his name. This time he is joining the cast of Chicago Med which is kick starting its next season. But interesting the born American originating from Ghana is going to play a black doctor of Jewish fate.

Although there is nothing strange about an African American doctor nor an orthodox Jew one, the mixture of them being one person does strike us as odd. But it appears that the makers of the show have been going for something like that. Ato says

 When you get a roll like this, there’s a certain sensitivity. You don’t want to be a gimmick, Essandoh said. You don’t want to be a set piece, where people go, ‘hey that’s weird.

He wants to make his role as authentic as possible and has even researched the prospect of black Jews and their community. He worked alongside Chicago Rabbi Capers Funnye, Jr., a distant cousin of Michelle Obama and spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation of Chicago, to help him with establishing the role in a better and more authentic way.

Ato is a great actor and we are looking at the prospect of seeing him play this very interesting new role for him.

How Many Times Has Cena Actually Suffered a Loss?

John Cena is one of the faces of WWE and has been so for the past 10 years. Being one of the veterans of the sport and entertainment industry has prompted him a lot of fame and great popularity, because in pro wrestling you are only good as your popularity is high and while your might is there to do the talking.

Well Cena has proven to be quite a monster and it just so happens that in the last 10 years he has suffered only 14 pins in the ring. Four of the 14 losses he suffered during the SummerSlam events, which also means that Cena does not fare well with paper-view events.


But the only guy to defeat him twice is the venerable Triple H, and both of the pins came before 2010. But the losses are starting to pile up after that as after 2010 he went to be defeated 8 times in total, but never by the same man twice. Although some fighters like Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt and Rusev are relishing the opportunity to fight Cena, he still has got it and may not be easy to pass him as you may think. Cena’s latest pinfall was on Smackdown 2017 where he was defeated by Shinsuke Nakamura. Here is the list of Cena’s failed matches.

  • Shawn Michaels (Raw, 2007)
  • The Great Khali (Saturday Night’s Main Event, 2007)
  • Triple H (Night Of Champions, 2008)
  • Batista (SummerSlam, 2008)
  • Big Show (Raw, 2009)
  • Triple H (Raw, 2009)
  • The Rock (WrestleMania, 2012)
  • Daniel Bryan (SummerSlam, 2013)
  • Brock Lesnar (SummerSlam, 2014)
  • Kevin Owens (Elimination Chamber, 2015)
  • Alberto Del Rio (Hell in a Cell, 2015)
  • AJ Styles (SummerSlam, 2016)
  • Dean Ambrose (Smackdown, 2016)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (Smackdown, 2017)

Bret Easton Ellis Talks about How he Met Julian Ozanne

Bret Easton Ellis is a proclaimed writer who has hit it big with a lot of his novels. His first one was a smashing debut when he made “Less Than Zero,” but it was with the “American Psycho” which was later made into a movie staring Christian Bale that he actually made it big and became popular. Things were going in such a great way for Bret that there was a documentary made about him, produced by Julian Ozanne.

Julian is the ex-husband of Jilian Anderson, and this was the first time that the two met together. Bret explains how he was sharing a beach house at the Hamptons with fellow writer Carter Coleman and a few of other friends. But things started heating up after them spending too much time together and soon everyone started fighting and simply were not having a great time. But one day Carter said that his friend Julian is going to come by and everybody did not care at the time who comes or goes.

So when Julian came and greeted us with a relaxed smile and then asked for a beer, we all immediately knew that he seems like a good bloke to hang out with. Downing a beer and then digging into a conversation with him was what made the atmosphere much better and we all started having a good time again. This is the first time when Bret and Julian met and it prompted a great friendship after that.


Michele Tafoya Reports that Roger Goodell was Indeed Involved in Ezekiel Elliot’s Hearing

Ezekiel Eliot, the Cowboys running back, is facing charges for domestic disputes and has gone through a hearing in later June. Eliot will certainly face charges for his actions but it is still not clear what those are going to be. Initially, the commissioner of the league Roger Goodell denied any implications about the hearing with Eliot, but in a recent news report made by NBC’s Michele Tafoya it was confirmed that Goodell did attend the meeting alongside a panel of four independent investigators.

The team is supposed to run the preceding and suggest a suspension to Goodell which he will later decide to implicate. Now when we now the deeper involvement of Goodell in this case, the suspension may take a different turn. Elliot will have the right to appeal any decision that they make once it is made.


Nikki Dee Ray Learning a New Talent

Nikki Dee Ray is much more versatile than you may think. She is much more than just a pretty face and a weather girl. She has showed her musical and teaching side as she recently taught young kinds on how to sing, play piano and the violin at the Talent Developing Studio in Hanover County.

The people who work there are super creative and making the learning experience fun! This is the first time that Nikki has done anything like this and it appears that she is much better at it than she thought she would be. Jean and Dennis McEntire founded The Talent developing Studio way back in 1993. They offers private and group music lessons to students of all age groups.


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