Bianca Kajlich to Direct a Documentary About her Brother

Celebrity News, July 26, 2017Bianca Kajlich, the star of “Rules of Engagement” is linked to direct a documentary about her brother. Her brother Andre is a world-class para-triathlete and has become an ultra-endurance wheelchair racer and has competed and won both the Ultraman world championships and Ironman competition. His latest idea is to ride across America in a hand cycle and his sister would direct the documentary linked to this attempt. Bianca has never done such a thing before but would be privileged and honored to help and support her brother in this massive attempt across the country.

Andre Kajlich was a runner but got hit by a train some ten years ago in Prague. He lost both of his legs that day and was said that he could not be able to sit properly anymore and let alone walk by the doctor. But Andre said to him “You probably do not know me that well,” and lo and behold, ten years later Andre is attempting to achieve something that nobody has ever tried before.

The race across the country would consist of 3,000 miles and would require 12 days to complete with a hand cycle. It is a total monster of a race that not a lot of people are capable of completing and Andre Kajlich is going to attempt to do the impossible. When asked by his sister Bianca his is it possible to be on a bike for seven hours straight, he simply replied “I just pretend that I will be doing this forever.”

Natasha Soultanova Corwin Scared for Her Husband

Jeff Corwin is a renowned wildfire biologist and nature conservationist, and with that job coe some perks that you would not like to have. Jeff has come close to death so many times on his trips that he does not care to count them anymore. His wife Natasha has recently stated concert for her husband as it is becoming increasingly hard for her to wait at home for him to come back. The latest incident happened when Jeff was in a jungle on his latest expedition and got bit by a Coral snake. For those of you who do not know, Coral snakes are extremely venomous and dangerous as their bit is very lethal and if a person does not get treatment within the next 4 hours they could most certainly die.


Natasha Soultanova Corwin and Jeff Corwin

Once Jeff noticed the bite he immediately rushed to the nearest building to the jungle, which was British International School located nearby. As he was rushing he felt his leg go numb and his hear rate getting increasingly faster and faster. Luckily he was able to get to the school on time and was transported immediately by British Defense Force helicopter to the nearest hospital. He received treatment within 3 hours of the bite and was administered antivenin. Luckily he survived without any consequences.

Natasha Soultanova Corwin was very much concerned and does not want to think about the potential time that her husband not might return. She knows that it is his passion and that he protects the world but he should start thinking about protecting himself a little bit better.

Scarlett Pomers Tied to a “Reba” Reboot

Scarlett Pomers was recently seen attending a friend’s birthday party where most of the cast members form the show have been invited. It was like an unofficial get-together for some of the cast members of “Reba.” Although Reba McEntire says that she maintains a contact with all of her former and fellow cast members, Scarlett has stated that it would be next to impossible to do a reboot and or even a special. Reba has stated that everybody is doing their own things and do not have time to start off a show which has been off the air for ten years already. Scarlett is adamant of saying that she is retired from acting and is focusing on her music. She was not inclined to say that she would come out of retirement for something special as a “Reba Anniversary Show.” All in all, this only remains a dream for all the fans of the show.


Kyla Pratt Cast Alongside Vanessa Williams in a New Role

You rarely hear the name of Kyla Pratt mentioned this days in the acting industry. The former child star and the girl which has been most notably linked with the Dr. Doolittle franchise has had a long break from acting due to her two pregnancies that she had. But it is finally time for her to return. After dabbling about whether to start acting again, Kyle was convinced by her husband who express support to her getting back on the horse and stating her acting career again. Kyle is still in her early 30s so she is still very much capable of putting on a performance if needed. Her comeback role will be alongside a veteran in the likes of Vanessa Williams, who says that she is there to help young Kyla and to gain her confidence again. They are going to star alongside each other in a move called “The Secret She Kept” which will come out this month. The movie is based on a novel written by NAACP Image Award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, bearing the same title.

Kellita Smith Joining the Z-Nation Panel at this year’s SDCC

At a recent presser, the stars of the famed show Z-Nation have appeared on the recent panel at the San Diego Comic Con. The while cast was there including, DJ Qualls, Kellita Smith, Keith Allan and Russell Hodkinson. They were joined by writer Karl Schaefer and Craig Engle. The starts talked about the upcoming fourth season but were not inclined to talk about it too much as they cannot reveal the important plot twists that are too come. But the writers also unveiled that the show is going to be renewed for the 5th season as this comes as a confirmation. Kellita Smith also went on to say that this is a dangerous show and that characters can still die, prompting us to only imagine what could come next.


Kellita Smith

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