Boda’s New, Powerful Song “California” – Review

Boda is a rapper who never fails to amaze us. After his latest hits “John Lennon” and “Demon” he had surprised us with one new song “California”.

This is a little bit different song which can bring up in all of us that perfect spring to summer mood, and that is why I can see this song all summer capturing our minds after playing it all the time.

The lyrics come down to a girl from a small town who has big dreams and wishes to succeed in a big city where everything seems perfect to her, one way or another, in her head, she is destined to succeed.

The video itself accompanies the song and completes it in a remarkable way reminiscent of a mini-movie how the rapper also described the music video on his Instagram post where he called his fans to go and check out his new music video. Starting with the summer filter on the shots that evoke nostalgia for the summer, to the shots that showcase all the beauty of California, video is evolving into a beautiful piece. Pastel colors are dominating, which are soothing.

The story of the video follows Boda and a small-town girl, together they are exploring California in a way that is celebrating youth an recklessness. The perfect dose of dreamy vibe with city lights, from night time crazy rides to the fairs. Very simple but also very complex at the same time. The time-lapse is going from the cheerful day, throughout the exiting and exploring night, and finally arriving at the magnificent morning on California beach.

Their light denim outfits are complemented by white clothing pieces or yellow in Boda’s case which is carefully and thoughtfully chosen to not distract us from the beautiful colors in the video, instead of that, they are highlighting it in the best way possible. The Artist’s attempt was to make us feel less trapped in this quarantine with his new song, and I think that he succeeded in his mission.

Don’t be afraid to show off your dance moves with this catchy new song!

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