Brandon Routh Biography

Brandon Routh is an American actor most notably known for play Superman in the 2006 movie “Superman Returns.” He was cast due to his resemblance to the original Superman, Christopher Reeve, and was supposed to be the star of a few more Superman movies which were planed ahead. Unfortunately, due to poor box office results, although Routh received great reviews for his portrayal of the Man of Steel, all of the future projects were craped. Brandon was under contract to continue playing Superman, but once DC decided to reboot the franchise and start their own DC Extended Universe project, they decided to cast English actor Jim Caviezel for the “Man of Steel” (2013) movie.

Brandon Routh grew up in a small town in Iowa and never thought that he would become a professional actor. He always said that he comes from a poor background which would not allow him to become a big Hollywood movie star. But eventually he moved to Los Angeles in hopes of landing much bigger movies roles. This actually helped his career as after a few smaller roles he was cast as Clark Kent, or Superman, for the “Return of Superman” movie. The director Brian Singer actually had a line of a lot of much more famous actors. But in the end he decided to go for a lesser known person which was the same way Christopher Reeve got his part. Brandon also bore a remarkable likeness to both Christopher and Clark, the actor who he replaced and the character who he was supposed to play. This role immediately launched his career and at the age of 24 started landing much bigger roles.


Brandon Routh in “Superman Returns”

Unfortunately, the Superman franchise did not go as planned, but it did not bother Brandon to continue his career. He would star in such movies as “Live is Hot in Cracktown” (2009), “Miss Nobody” (2009) and “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” (2011). He was also seen as a guest character in movies such as “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” (2008) and “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” (2010), both movies which gained great success.

Lately Brandon is finding a lot of success appearing on the small screen. His role of Daniel Shaw in NBC’s “Chuck” was received with a lot of praise. He also managed to bag a role of another DC superhero character as he is playing Dr. Ray Palmer a.k.a. Atom in a slew of shows in the Arrowverse. Like many other characters, he would first appear in “Arrow” where his character of Atom proved to be a very interesting  to the audience. He would reprise his role in “The Flash” where he would continue to play the character in a few episodes. But the culmination came when it was announced that he will be among a number of characters with their own titled show as he was cast in the “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” where he plays Dr. Ray Palmer alongside his band of misfits in an attempt to save reality.


Brandon Routh in “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”

Brandon Routh Net Worth and Salary

Brandon Routh has a very steady salary and a very high net worth. It was reported that his current worth is estimated at 12 million dollars and that his worth will probably continue rising due to the success his current shows are getting. His current salary has not been revealed, but during the “Superman Returns” period, it was rumored that he received 1 million dollars as his salary. Brandon Routh is finding a new kind of success on TV. He has not yet given up on plying on bigger movies but seems to have settled down in his own with the current slate of projects that he has. TV pays much less than the movies do, but it is a steady job which he is more than willing to take.

Brandon Routh Wife and Family

Brandon Routh is a happily married man, as he has a long standing relationship with his actor wife Courtney Ford. The two met back in 2003 at which point Brandon was working as a bartender at the Lucky Strikes Lane Bar in Hollywood. He was serving her drinks when the two met. Not much time later, the two started dating and after three years Brandon proposed and they got married in 2006 at the El Capitan Ranch in Santa Barbara. In 2012, the couple was blessed with their first child as their son Leo James was born. There have never been any rumors between the two of them splitting up nor any divorce assumptions. They live a perfect life together and mange to tackle it both professionally and personally.


Wedding (Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford)

Brandon Routh Age

Brandon Routh was born on October 9, 1979, making him currently 38 years old. He was born in Norwalk, Iowa and is the son of Catherine LaVonne and Ronald Wayne Routh. He is actually their third child out of four as he has one sister and two brothers. His sister is named Sara Routh and is a musician and a composer and she performed the titled song for the “Superman Returns” moves. On the other hand his brothers are not celebrities as one of them is a police officer. Brandon attended Norwalk High School, where he was mainly interested in sports and music, and later graduated from the University of Iowa. During his university days, he managed to pay for his tuition by being a small time actor and a male model. He would continue to pursue his acting dream as after he graduated he moved to Los Angles to become a full time actor.

Height and Weight

Brandon Routh is quite a handsome actor and he also has the body type to prove it. He does not only resemble Superman in appearance, but with his muscles as well. Grant you, he did have to bulk up a lot for his role of Superman as then he added 22 pounds and weighed 218 pounds when the played the Man of Steel. He still has a figure that a lot of younger actors would be jealous of and currently is 189 cm (6 ft 2½) higher, and weighs 96 kg (212 lbs).


Brandon Routh

Interesting Facts about Brandon Routh

There are many interesting facts about Brandon Routh that a lot of people are unaware. Although he plays a hunk in so many of his roles, at heart he is a nerd. The character of Ray Palmer is probably the closest to his likeness, minus the super genius and millionaire part. He was a big fan of Superman as he used to read the comics as a young boy. He would have never thought that one day he would get to play one of his favorite character and let alone replace Christopher Reeve whom he also admired. Interestingly, his home town is only 100 miles away from Woolstock which is famous for being the birth place of George Reeves the actor who played Superman first back in the 50s. Finally, Brandon has also admitted that he is a raging World of Warcraft fan and played the game on hours end. All of this confirm Brandon of being a nerd as said is   is not shy to admit.

Brandon Routh Nationality and Ethnicity

Brandon Routh is American by nationality and he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. But his background is very versatile as he has English, Scottish and German routs. The most distinct ones is his Dutch heritage.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,October 9 1979
Net Worth:,$12 million
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:,189 cm (6 ft 2½)
Weight:,96 kg (212 lbs)
Married to:,Courtney Ford
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,1 (son Leo James)
Birth Sign:,Libra
Education:,Norwalk High School and University of Iowa

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