Brooke Sealey Biography

Brooke Sealey is also known as Brooke Gordon and she is the former wife of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. Brooke Sealey is a model and stated off as a greeting girl on the Victory Lane for NASCAR drivers. She became even more popular when she won the Miss Winston crown and held it for a while. After that her popularity rose to fame and it just got even larger with her marriage to Jeff Gordon.

Her ex-husband, Jeff Gordon, is a former stock car driver who has professionally competed in the NASCAR championship. He drove the number 24 Chevrolet for Hedrick Motorsports and has competed between 1993 and 2015. He was the Winston Cup Series Champion for 4 times and has also won many other races and has a number of accolades to his name. In 1998 he was voted among the 50 Greatest Drivers in NASCAR.


Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey

Due to unfortunate events, Brooke Sealey and Jeff Gordon are now divorced. Brooke is with her newest husband, Mullins McLeod, while Jeff is married to Ingrid Vandebosch. Jeff and Brooke did not leave things on good terms and it just so happen that their divorce was a messy one. But luckily to Brooke, she managed to get a very hefty settlement which is still considered as one of the biggest divorce settlements to date.

Brooke Sealey Net Worth and Salary

Brooke Sealey’s net worth is not calculated and is currently not considered. Being that she is a minor celebrity and that she does not have a salary of her own apart from the one that her husband current boasts. Neverthelees, she was able to get quite a hefty sum when it came to her divorce. After her and Jeff divorced she got a 15.3 million dollar settlement, which is still considered as one of the highest ones. Brooke is certainly well off as she can spend the money that she got from that.


Brooke Sealey

Brooke Sealey Husband and Children

Brooke Sealey had a relationship with Jeff Gordon while they were both under contact with NASCAR. As Brooke was working as a greeting girl and while she was the Miss Winston, Brooke and Jeff started dating. This was of course strictly forbidden and they had to keep their relationship a secret. But after Brooke’s contract with Winston expired, they made their relationship public and decided to get married afterwards. They got married in 1994 and have spent a very nice marriage at first. But rumors started circling about Jeff’s infidelity and he eventually started cheating on his wife with a few models. Finally, Brooke decided to sue Jeff and stated that it was due to an affair which her husband had had with a model. In the end, the divorce was finagled in 2002 and Brooke demand a pretty high alimony and a very hefty divorce settlement. Eventually she got it and she earned a 15.3 million dollars divorce settlement which was ranked as one of the highest among celebrities. Jeff and Brooke did not have any children.

Jeff Gordon latter remarried and is currently happy wed with his wife Ingrid Vandebosch and they have two children together, Ella Sofia and Leo Benjamin. As for Brooke she also remained and is cruelty with her husband Mullins McLeod. But there has been a controversy that happened when Brooke gave birth to her first child which she had with James Dixon. She decided to name the child Ella Gordon and she decided to use the name of her former husband. She did change her name while she was with Jeff but her surname came back to Sealey after the divorce. There was no apparent reason for her to name her child the way she did and it just caused more confusion and disputes. Eventually James Dixon decided to sue Brooke as he did not approve of his child breaking some other person’s name whom the child has no relationship nor any ties with.


Jeff Gordon with Ingrid Vandebosch and their child

Brooke Sealey Age

Before NASCAR, Brooke Sealey’s past is a little bit murky. She was born in Winston but other information about her is not clear. There are no information about her siblings nor her family. She is currently in her early 40s.

Height and Weight

Brooke Sealey still looks really good. Being a former greeting girl and also the former Miss Winston means that she is very good looking and very hot. She has managed to retina some of those lines and keeps her weight still balanced with her height. She did had a very good body and curvy lines but has dropped down a bit because of the age. Nevertheless, Brooke shows that she had a very good career as a model.


Brooke Sealey with Jeff Gordon

Is Brooke Sealey a Lesbian?

According to her dating record, Brooke Sealey is not a lesbian. She has had many relationships with men and a few marriages to add to the fact that she is a straight woman. Even though she has a huge dating record, there are still some rumors which say that she got involved with women along the way. But those rumors are false at best as there are no evidence to support this claim.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Brooke Sealey is American by her nationality as she was born and raised in America. Her ethnic group is Caucasian.


Brooke Sealey with her ex-husband Jeff Gordon (old photo)

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