Byron Mann Biography


Bryon Mann is a Chinese-American actor known for his martial arts expertise. He has stared in many shows but has a plethora of famous movies under his belt. Byron was supposed to be a lawyer, but eventually pursued a career in acting and changed his path in life completely.

Bryon Mann started making movies in Hong Kong and Mainland China first. He soon transition to American movies and went back there after his popularity started growing in China. Some of his stating roles included movies such as “Red Cornet” (1997) and “The Corruptor” (1999). He also stared in a stared in a television show titled “Dark Angel”. The role which put Byron Mann on the map was that of Ryu which he had on “Street Fighter” (1994), alongside Jean Claud Van Damme and Raul Julia. Thanks to his background in sports and marital arts skills, Byron has proven to be quite a stunt performer as he often performed all of the necessary fights needed for the role. Because of that he was also cast to play Silver Lion in a Quentin Tarantino presented and RZA produced movie called “The Man with the Iron Fists” (2012). His other movies include “The Big Short” (2015) and he is also going to appear in “Skyscraper” which is a movie scheduled for release in 2018.


Byron Mann in “The Corruptor”

As far as his TV career goes, Byron Mann has also appeared all over the place. His most famous roles include playing Chang on AMC’s “Hell on Wheels”, which is a role that brought him a Golden Maple Award for Best Actor in a TV series animation. He recently stared in CW’s “Arrow” as he appeared in season one as Yao Fei, mentor to Green Arrow.

Byron Mann Net Worth and Salary

Byron Mann has had a long and prolific career. It prompted him having many roles which brought him ultimate success and fame. He is still going strong and his appearances on American TV and in movies help him get an even bigger and better earning. So far he has been able to get to a net worth of 1.8 million dollars.


Byron Mann in “Arrow”

Byron Mann Partner and Family

It is hard to determine whether Byron Mann is single or not. The fact remains that he is unmarried, but he changes girlfriends quite often. Being that he is a celebrity, he attracts a lot of women even in his 50s. You can often see him hanging with a lot of different girls and going out with them. Byron enjoys this kind of a life and does not want to settle down yet as his says that he is not still fit for marriage.

Byron Mann Age

Byron Mann was born in Hong Kong as Byron Chan. He was born on August 13, 1967 and he is now 50 years old. Byron attended Diocesan Boys’ School in Honk Kong when he was young and after he graduated decided to move to California. There he attended UCLA and got a degree in philosophy. He would then decide to go to USC Law School, but would need to make a break after his first year. The main reason was him needing to go back to Hong Kong to film NBC Movie TV movie “Last Flight Out” (1990). Byron would subsequently return to LA in order to finish he study and he eventually succeeded in that. He graduated USC Law and after passing the California bar, decided to become an actor full time.


Byron Mann

Height and Weight

Byron Mann is still exceptionally muscular and manages to keep fit even in his middle ages. Training wushu and doing sports has made his body fit and he aims to keep it that way. He is also pretty tall as he stands at 183 cm tall and his weight is 73 kg. He has black hair and black eyes.

Byron Mann Sports

While Byron Mann was still living in Hong Kong, he took a big interest in sports. In fact, he used to play tennis and golf when he was young. In fact, he was among to top ranged tennis players under 16 and has won many tournaments. But after moving away from Hong Kong he dropped playing. But he never stopped practicing wushu and you can see his skills in many of his movies.


Byron Mann in “Hell on Wheels”

Nationality and Ethnicity

Byron Mann has an American passport, even though he was born in Hong Kong. Having spent most of his life in America, he belongs to a Chinese-American ethnic group.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,August 13 1967
Net Worth:,$1 800 000
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Black
Height:,183 cm
Weight:,73 kg
Married to:,No
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Leo
Education:,Diocesan Boys’ School in Honk Kong / UCLA / USC Law School

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