Cameron Robbie Age, Movies, Net Worth

Cameron Robbie is a young Australian actor with promising future in film industry. Yet, he is best known as a younger brother of another rising star, an actress Margot Robbie. Margot has starred in numerous TV shows and movies since late 2000s. His mother Sarie Kessler is also an actress and his father Dough Robbie is businessman, well-known sugarcane mogul and property tycoon.

Cameron Robbie was born in Australia, but the exact place and date of his birth hasn’t been revealed in social media so far. He is very active on his public profiles though, so stay tuned for further info if you follow this handsome young actor from Australia. Following footsteps of his famous older sister, Margot Robbie, Cameron also started his career in film industry in 2015.


Cameron Robbie

Margot is best known for performing in Suicide Squad as well as her screen debut in the 2013 romantic drama ‘About Time’ and Martin Scorsese biopic ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ where she starred alongside Leonardo Dicaprio.

Cameron Robbie Movies, Career

At the beginning of his career as an actor, Cameron Robbie worked on several short movies. Before making a debut on the big screen, he appeared in Aash Aaron’s I.C.U. in 2009 together with his mother Sarie Kessler and his sister Margot Robbie. He made his acting entrance in 2015, performing in commended short movie ‘Gifted’ on the Gold Coast. His second big role was on the film ‘People May Know’, released in 2016, where he is playing a married man. Apart from TV shows and movies, Cameron Robbie has been filming for music videos as well.


Gifted movie

Cameron Robbie Net Worth and Income

Cameron Robbie is a young actor’s and certainly a rising star in the film industry. However, his net worth or income haven’t been estimated so far.

Partner and Family

Apart from his famous older sister Margot Robbie, Cameron has two other siblings, a brother Lachlan Robbie and a sister Anya Robbie. His mother Sarie Kessler is also an actress, known for acting in Aash Aaron’s I.C.U. alongside her son Cameron. And his father is well-known Australia’s businessman and property tycoon.

Cameron Robbie is not married and there is no information available about him being involved in any kind of affairs right now. He might be dating someone, though. Cameron is hiding pretty well his personal life from tabloids. On his Instagram profile and other social media accounts, however, he can be seen spending time with his friends, traveling the world, attending parties and enjoying the things young people his age normally do.


Cameron and his sister Margot

His sister Margot Robbie, however, came into the focus last year when she clearly stated that she didn’t want her father to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day with British film director Tom Ackerley. It was reported that Margot didn’t want anything to do with their father tycoon after he left her mother when she was a child. Margot acknowledged her relationship with father in March 2016, telling the reporters that her contact with her father contact is very limited. Dough Robbie is known as a tycoon and sugarcane mogul who left Cameron, his mother and his three siblings while they were very young.

Today, he’s a powerful businessman. According to some reports, he’s recently moved into a Gold Coast property just a few blocks away from his ex-wife Sarie Kessler. It seems that Margot’s brothers maintain a relationship with their father, often saying that he might not be the regular part of the family, but surely has helped them down the road.


Cameron and his father Dough Robbie

Cameron Robbie Age

Cameron Robbie is said to be twenty years old. Nevertheless, his exact date of birth has not been revealed to the public yet. There is no info about Cameron Robbie age available on his Instagram or Twitter profiles. His Facebook account doesn’t give his followers any clue on Cameron’s exact date of birth either.

Cameron Robbie  Height and Weight

Another information in Cameron Robbie bio that is hard to be found on social media is one about his body measurements. He is very young and handsome, for sure, but the exact info on Cameron Robbie height and weight hasn’t been revealed yet.

Is Cameron Robbie Gay?

As it can be concluded from his photos on his social media profiles and the posts he leaves on Instagram or Facebook, it seems that Cameron Robbie is currently dating a girl whose identity is not known to the public. But everything suggests that Cameron Robbie has a girlfriend. There is no official confirmation, but rumor has it that the couple has been together since high school. So, it’s likely that Cameron Robbie is not a gay.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Cameron is of white ethnicity. He was born in Australia and his nationality is Australian.

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