Capo Corleone – Don’t Play – Review

Los Angles-born rapper, Capo Corleone, has announced the release of his new single “Don’t Play,” which is only introducing his bigger project “Hawallywood” expected to come out soon.

“Don’t Play” is a collaboration piece with B. Gullie and takes us with its beats to the hoods of LA with infectious melodies.

The most noticeable thing about the song is the quality of production. The beats are off the chart and meld in pretty well with the bars that both Capo and B. Gullie drop during the song. The lyrics are obviously inspired by the LA scene and both the rappers are very brash and confrontational with them. The marijuana-influenced lyrics are also the strongest part of the song that melds with the beat.

Speaking of the beat, it fusses rock elements with some traditional hip-hop ones, making it a song that you can easily listen to in a gym while pumping iron. Mix that with some mature words, particularly from B. Gullie and a cynical chorus and you got yourself a hit song.

Capo Corleone is not just an executive producer but a well-known TV personality. Some know him by his real name, Waylon Barnes, but he is without mistake one of the best music producers in the LA scene. Besides being successful as a producer, Capo started to make waves by taking the mic in his hands. He showed that he can bring the best out of both worlds together and is on a fine path to make the best out of it. Thanks to the collaboration with some established musicians and rappers from the local scene, he has the ability to make it big and reach further heights.

“Don’t Play” is now available on all major platforms and you can follow Capo Corleone on Instagram and on Spotify for all the necessary updates.

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