Carla Gugino Stars in the New Stephen King Adaptation

It appears that this is the year of Stephen King adaptations once more. After this summer seeing the release of the first ever “Dark Tower” movie we were also greeted with a second adaptation of “It” and the clown Pennywise. Although the former movie was a lot less successful than the later one, directors are not giving up on making other Stephen King adaptation, and there is a whole bunch of them to choose from that is for sure. The recent movie which comes out on Netflix is titled “Gerald’s Game” and sees actors Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood play out the roles of lowers during a kinky sex scene.

Carla Gugino is really excited about this movie and actually praises the writing and the idea behind it. The story sees a couple who want to play out a kinky sex scene where the husband handcuffs his wife to the bed. But as the events turn to worse, the husband suddenly dies and leaves his wife strapped to the bed helpless. What happens next is for you to see in the upcoming “Gerald’s Game.”

Susan Mikula Unveils her New Line of Pictures

Susan Mikula has unveiled her new catalog of pictures which people can see at George Lawson Gallery on lower Potreto Hill. The accomplished photographer now moves on to a more psychological approach and dazzles us with a couple of pictures which depict her style but also manage to show what she is truly capable of doing. The pictures show a couple of very enigmatic pigment prints with a couple of antique toys. There is a girl a rabbit and house which are laid out in a haunting depiction of a dreamlike composition.

Mikula uses Polaroid and captures the images in her trademark way by playing with the scale and at the same time conveying the powerful effect to the viewer. Mikula states that she was inspired by her childhood and children’s literature when she made these pieces.


Susan Mikula today

A Heartfelt Message by Amy Matthews

I wake of the recent tragedy that took the life of Lewis Harrison, actress Amy Matthews is among the many who have expressed support on social media to the family. The 18-year old Lewis Harrison was involved in a traffic accident which happened on route A46. Unfortunately he died instantly in the car crash and it forced the police to close the carriageway for about seven hours until they completed their investigation and allowed the traffic to be restored.

Amy Mathews was stricken by the accident which too a young life and expressed her thoughts on social media. A sad day for many today. RIP Lewis Harrison thoughts are with all your family and friends

was what she wrote on Facebook.


Amy Matthews in bikini

Chef Koren Grieveson Makes some Important Changes to the “Resto” Menu

The new chef of “Resto,” Koren Grieveson has decided to implement some important changes to the menu. Resto has always been popular for its meat menu and can boast with a great offer that the visitors have always liked having. This has been mostly due to the plethora of chefs which held the position before her. Koren Grieveson is formerly known for being affiliated with Avec in Chicago and recently worked for Claudette. She recently transferred to Resto and has decided to continue the line of meaty dishes that people before her have already set.

The new dishes not found here include duck breast, beef tongue and many more meat-based dishes. Since her arrival, Koren has changed the majority of the menu and has only decided to keep the restaurant’s staples like hamburger, the deviled eggs, and the rib-steak for two while everything else has mainly been modified.


Kimberly Fay Seems Unfazed by Recent Comments

Kimberly Fay’s former husband, Donnie Wahlberg is enjoying his time with model/actress Jenny McCarthy. They are doing pretty well and their recent statement says that they both want to have more kids together but that their biological clocks are running out. Jenny and Donnie have yet to have a child of their own and seems that they want to have one. For the record, Donnie already has two boys, Elijah and Xavier, with former wife Kimberly Fay, while Jenny has a son named Evan with ex-husband John Asher.

Even though all of their sons have a great relationship together and the family has a lot of ties altogether, Kimberly Fay seems not bothered so much by all of this. She has stated that she loves her boys and that she will always look out for them, but does not really care what Jenny and Donnie decide to do next with their lives. She thinks that it is not her place to comment here and wishes them both the best.