Carol Hagen Ecstatic of Being a Grandmother

The news from the Holt household comes from a happier side as Lester Hold and Carol Hagen-Holt welcomed their first grandson. The message was tweeted by the eldest Holt in the family, as Lester gave the news right after the Nightly News which he hosts. Lester and Carol’s son Stefan, who also works for the NBC News, also posted an Instagram picture to welcome young Henry to the world. But the most excited one of all was the grandmother. She and Lester took a picture together with their grandson and posted it on the internet. You can really see how happy Carol looks of finally becoming a grandmother herself.

Apparently Kerri Browitt does not Go Out So Much

Jim Caviezel and his wife are considered as one of the hotter celebrity couples. Jim is pretty good looking himself and Kerri Browitt is quite cute. But you will not see them go out often, particularly Kerri. She is an English teacher and probably is more down to earth than her husband, who is a celebrity.

But being married to a celebrity also makes you one, which Kerri does not believe. She mostly enjoys to stay at home and keep the household, like any good wife. She is also the one who is immersed in taking care of the kids while Jim goes out and brings in the doe. Whatever the case Kerri would probably benefit from a nigh out town as it is not probably good to stay at home so much.


Richard Rawling to Make his NASCAR Debut

Richard Rawling is known by many things. People mostly known him for being the host and the eccentric star of the Discovery Channel’s “Fast n’ Loud” show. But he is also an entrepreneur (Check Richard Rawling’s net worth here) and a full-fledged celebrity. Well this weekend he is adding another title to his long line of titles, and that is being a pace driver. He will mark his initial circuit at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, when he starts his first lap appearing at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

He will be driven for ISM Connect 300 playoff race. Rawlings says that he has driven a lot of cars so far in his life, but that also he has never driven a pace car before and sees this as an exceptional opportunity to finally do so. He also teased that Foxwood has something big planed and that it will be unveiled at the start of the race and will be done by Richard himself. We will find out once the race starts.


Richard Rawlings and his wife Suzanne Marie Mergele

Connie Chung and Husband Honored on Cape

Connie Chung does not make the headlines as she used to back when she was an active and famous journalist. Now she mostly leads a family life and does benefits with her husband. So her appearances are more down to earth. Most recently, she and her husband Maury Povich were the guests of honor at Heritage Museums & Gardens Heritage Dinner.

This event was held in order to recognize the Sandwich museum’s annual donors. Connie Chung and Maury are supporters of this organization and they were seen here alongside other members and celebrities. These include US Representative Bill Keating and his wife, museum president Ellen Spear, Tevis and board chairman Tracy Isham. This is a great benefit which Connie adores appearing on and helping.


Connie Chung and her son Mathew

Sarah Wayne Callies Stays Healthy Thanks to her Husband

Josh Winterhalt is not known as a major celebrity but he is known as being the husband of Sarah Wayne Callies. The “Prison Break” and “Walking Dead” star actually owes her good looks to her husband. Josh is a certified trainer and also an MMA practitioner, so maintaining his body is his job. He also helps her wife maintain hers and gives her tips on how to exercise wand what kind of food to eat. He has arranged a workout session for her which she follows and helps her out all the time.

But she also adds something of her own as she also likes doing yoga a lot and it helps her stretch out. Although not a big fan of yoga, Josh says that it is very helpful for people to stretch and relieve stress. Btu the other addition which Sarah uses, he is not a big fan of. Sarah enjoys taking green tea and she drinks loads of it. But Josh is not a fan and rather prefers doing things the old fashioned way.


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