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Cassidy Freeman is an American actress and a musician. She is mostly popular for her television roles as she has portrayed some memorable characters. She is mostly recognized for playing the character of Tess Mercer on CW’s series “Smallville.” The character was introduced once Michael Rosenbuam, who played the main villain of the show Lex Luthor and Cassidy was brought in to replace him.

Cassidy Freeman started off her acting career in an award-winning short film titled “Razor Sharp.” She played the character of Veronica Sharpe while there and the film was awarded with “Best Action Film” at the 2007 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. After that Cassidy stated getting more and more roles and her acting career took a whole different turn. Perhaps the highest movie achievements is with the movie “YellowBrickRoad” (2010). Her latest movie roles are in such films as “Fender Bender” (2016) and “Cortez” (2017).


Tom Welling and Cassidy Freeman in “Smallville”

Cassidy Freeman has had a much better career on the silver screen. It is there where she reached more popularity and gained the recognition that she has today. Her most memorable role was that of Tess Mercer in “Smallville” which she had until the series’ end in 2011. She also had the main role in “Longmire,” where she played the title character Cady Longmire from 2012 to 2017. Btu she has also had some supporting or one-episode-roles in various shows. She has appeared in single episodes on “CSI: Crime Investigation Unit,” “CSI: Miami,” “CSI: NY,” “NCIS” and “NCIS: New Orleans.” She also made appearances in a few episodes of “Vampire Diaries,” has shown up in “Once Upon a Time” and had a recurring role in “Doubt.”

Besides being an actress, Cassidy Freeman is a musician and a songwriter. She forms a group called “The Real D’Coy,” where she sings and plays the piano alongside her Clark Freeman and Andy Mitton.


Cassidy Freeman in “The Vampire Diaries”

Cassidy Freeman Net Worth and Salary

Cassidy Freeman is a legit actress. Her roles have been piling up for her in recent years. She has gone from one role to the next very fast and there is a whole lot in front of her as she is still young and plans to do this for a long time. She has already managed to incur a net worth of 3 million dollars, which will probably increase in the following years.

Cassidy Freeman Partner and Family

For the most of her life, Cassidy Freeman kept most things about her life a secret. She did not reveal almost anything about her dating and relationships and kept everything low key. But recently she started getting more conformable and we were able to see that she is actually married. Cassidy Freeman is married to Justin Carpenter and they have a very loving relationship. You can see how happy they are based on her Instagram and Facebook pictures and you can really tell that they enjoy their marriage. The couple are officially married since 23rd September 2012. For now, they do not have any children but will probably change that in the years to come. They are still a young couple and have time to change this.


Cassidy Freeman and Justin Carpenter

Cassidy Freeman Age

Cassidy Freeman was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 22, 1982. Her mother and father are prominent people, as they are both attorneys. They are Glynna and Lee Freeman. Cassidy is actually the youngest member of the family as she has two older brothers. One of them is a voice actor named Crispin Freeman and the other one is a musician named Clark Freeman. Cassidy attended and The Latin School of Chicago and graduated from the Middlebury College in 2005 with a degree in Theatre and Spanish. Cassidy is currently 35 years old.

Height and Weight

Cassidy Freeman is a very beautiful and cute actress. She has managed to get quite a big fan base based on her looks. She is also pretty sexy and has a great body. Her measurements are going to vouch for that as they come to 32-26-30 inches. She is also tall and her height is 1.73 m and her weight is 57 kg. She is slim and good looking and it helps her with her career to get better roles.


Cassidy Freeman

Is Cassidy Freeman a Lesbian?

As we are able to see, Cassidy Freeman is in a very loving relationship. She has a husband and they love each other very much. Which immediately means that she could not be a lesbian. All the rumors which were made about that are not going to change the fact that she likes men and that she has always done so.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Cassidy Freeman was born and raised in America, to American parents. So it is very simple to say that she is American by nationality. As far as her ethnic group goes, she is Caucasian.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,April 22 1982
Profession:,Actress / Musician
Net Worth:,$3 million
Hair Color:,Red
Eye Color:,Blue-Green
Height:,1.73 m
Weight:,57 kg
Married to:,Justin Carpenter
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,Not yet
Birth Sign:,Taurus
Education:,Middlebury College

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