Celebrities That Are Completely Unrecognizable Without Makeup

“I Woke Up Like This” is one of the most popular tags which you can see in many pictures on the internet today. Ever since the “No Makeup” trend started, a lot of girls have been posting pictures without any makeup at all or just after waking up. Trying to show that makeup is just a mask and that they are beautiful even without it.

Many celebrities joined in and a lot of them wanted to show how beautiful they are without it. Some of them actually wanted to state that no matter what we are all beautiful inside. Whatever their intentions may be, there were some really interesting results, both good or bad. Here are just of few examples of celebrities posting their pictures without makeup and you decide whether they are fails or hits.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj just might be the very definition of too much makeup. But it is her signature look with candy-colored pallets and over toned clothing that makes her recognizable. So it was very interesting to see how she looks without all that brass. She posted a shower selfie where she is her normal self. Not makeup, no eyelash extensions, no nothing! What do you think? With or without makeup?


Nicki Minaj without makeup

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone decided to join in the no-makeup craze and posted a picture on her Instagram account where she has none of it at all. Unfortunately, it is not a pretty sight. The established actress is well in her 60s and even makeup does not really make her look good. But we cherish her courage to show how she looks without it. I would say a little pale for my taste.


Sharon Stone without makeup

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is considered one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world, with or without makeup. But many have judged her no-makeup pic too harshly. In fact, Jessica posted a post-workout selfie without any makeup. Of course, she is sweaty, of course, she looks tired, but many have only described her like a hot mess. We appreciate your idea Jessica, but next time at least take a shower before posting a no makeup picture.


Jessica Alba without makeup

Kylie Jenner

When we said no makeup up we meant it and Kylie Jenner is clearly wearing eyeliner in this picture. But everything else was removed. We know Kylie as a celebrity who always looks perfect with pursed lips and great skin; there is none of that in this picture. She looks like a regular girl here and it is obvious that she has the looks without the makeup, but next time try playing by the rules, Kylie.


Kylie Jenner without makeup

Marylyn Manson

The (antichrist) rock star, Marylyn Manson, is one of the few males whose on-stage persona includes wearing heaps of makeup. Whether you see appearing live, in his videos, giving interviews or pretty much doing anything public, Manson always has his signature Goth, corpse paint makeup. Unfortunately, the picture of him not wearing his signature makeup was not posted by him we will still accept it as one of the entries. The freaky thing is that Manson looks much more disturbing without it. I really prefer the white face makeup and black eyeliner instead of eerie looking Brian Warner.


Marylyn Manson without makeup

Kate Upton

We can put Kate Upton in the hit category as the singer supermodel actually looks really good. She decided to post a selfie after a workout session called “sitting on your bum”. I can’t argue with her method of exercising as she still preserves her sweet-girl-next-door look. All she is wearing are workout clothes and it gives her picture a certain quality as she shows that she doesn’t need any makeup to look fresh.


Kate Upton without makeup

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has to be one of the best-looking women in the world. She is not only beautiful but has a style to back it up and creates her own signature look. But what many of you don’t realize is that Eva has started doing the no-makeup thing a long time ago. Confident in her beauty and appearance, you can often see Eva without the amenities that enhance her appearance. She posts pics and even goes out in public without any makeup. The latest one is from a safari from India, checking out a big cat.


Eva Longoria without makeup

Gwen Stefani

The former No Doubt vocalist and pop icon, Gwen Stefani, is recognized for her heavy makeup. Throughout her career, she wore heavy eyeshadow and crimson lipstick and defined her look during her 20-year long career. But recently, Gwen has decided to tone things done and started wearing a down-to-earth version of her unique style. Fans were initially taken aback but it was when they show the unveiled picture of Gwen without any makeup that surprised them the most. Gwen posted a “just woke up” pic where she took it all off. She actually looks really sweet and sexy at the same time showing that she does not need any mask to hide behind, even though she will be 50 soon.


Gwen Stefani without makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is probably one of the most active social activists among all the Hollywood stars. She is known for her beauty and unique acting credits but also for being among the first to be courageous enough to stop wearing makeup. She posted a picture without makeup for her 44th birthday and she has never looked better.


Gwyneth Paltrow without makeup

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan has had a complicated life. The ups and downs followed by alcohol abuse and depression have caused her career to tumble down. So it is really nice to see her looking well. Since she has been on a path of redemption to get her life back in order we can really rejoice to see her on a trip having fun in the sun with just her natural freckles gracing her face.


Lindsey Lohan without makeup


Shakira stunned the world when she made her international debut back in the day and she has her natural beauty to thank for it. Now, after being a veteran in the field she still rocks as hard as she can and she looks really cute without the makeup. She recently posted a birthday pic, showing how beautiful she really is not wearing any gloss or eyeliner.


Shakira without makeup


Bad Girl Rirri is still as popular as she ever was. Ever since she busted on the scene, Rihanna amazed us with her signature beauty. Ever since she was discovered in her home country of Barbados for her looks, Rihanna has done everything right in her career. You can see her chilling at home without any makeup showing us just how beautiful and confident she really is.


Rihanna without makeup

Gigi Hadid

You can rarely see the supermodel Gigi Hadid without any makeup. But her recent Instagram pic showed us a refreshing look for her. Just woke up, no makeup photo gives us a great example that not all models hide behind their makeup.


Gigi Hadid without makeup

Bella Hadid

Gigi’s sister Bella is no exception when it comes to natural beauty. It seems that both Hadid sisters were blessed and owe it to their genes for how they look. Bella titled her picture “sick day” and it is astounding how great she looks even while being sick.


Bella Hadid without makeup

Kim Kardashian

The signature style of Kim Kardashian is her smoky makeup. You rarely see her without it and she has even started a no-makeup makeup like, whatever that means. So it is really restful to see her without any makeup. She posted a picture of her with her son just enjoying their day.


Kim Kardashian without makeup

Cara Delevingne

The supermodel turn actress, Cara Delevingne, has always had a flair for the dramatic. She constantly posts silly pictures of her doing all kinds of things showing that she never takes things too seriously. Sporting her iconic brows, we are used to seeing her under a ton of makeup whether it is on the runway or in movies. But Cara has never been a person who hides behind a mask and often posts pictures of herself without makeup. In my opinion, she looks much better without it.


Cara Delevingne without makeup

Amy Schumer

We are already used to laughing at Amy Schumer. She is a comedian after all, right? She used her signature humor to post a picture of her without any makeup where she compared herself to WWE star Chris Jericho.


Amy Schumer without makeup


Without any doubt, Madonna deserves her title of being the Queen of Pop. Because of that, you rarely see her without any makeup, whether it is publicly or privately. Mind you, Madonna has had a long career and has gone through multiple changes since then but we have never seen her in her most private. She posted a picture of herself saying “When you are trying to convince a custom officer that you really are Madonna.” It is a wonderful pick that really looks good and that shows that she is human after all.


Madonna without makeup

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has managed to capture us with her beauty and elegance. Being mostly on the runway, you can hardly find a moment where she is not wearing any makeup. But this rare instance has occurred recently when she posted a picture of her and her sleepy dog. The picture is really cute and so is she.


Priyanka Chopra without makeup

Emmy Rossum

The Shameless star, Emmy Rossum, has always had a kind of a glam look to herself. She showed that on multiple occasions and even talked in interviews where she said that she is going for a more fashion look. But when you see her without any makeup you see just how much natural beauty she possesses.


Emmy Rossum without makeup

Kaley Cuoco

We can hardly see Kaley Cuoco without makeup. Whether she is on screen or doing interviews she is always dolled up for the occasion. But when she is trying to enjoy her leisure time she posts pictures without makeup giving us a glimpse of what actually made her famous.


Kaley Cuoco without makeup

Jenna “Marbles” Mourey

Whether you follow Jenna’s YouTube account or Instagram, you get the jiff how quirky and awesome she actually is. Jenna started her career as a YouTuber and people caught up to her not only because of her humor but also because of her looks. She often pokes fun at herself and even shows funny makeup videos on her channel. But she has never been afraid to stand in front of the camera without any makeup.


Jenna “Marbles” Mourey without makeup

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is one of the stars in Hollywood who rarely goes out without makeup. She usually looks very put together and does not let things slip. But there have been quite a few pics of her recently showing a not-really-glamorous look. I guess things have not been going well for Katie in recent times.


Katie Holmes without makeup

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt took some time off acting in order to raise her children. She said that she just really needed some time to be normal and not be under the lime lite. Once considered as one of the cutest actresses in Hollywood, Jennifer now sports a regular everyday look. Even now when she has returned to acting there are many pictures of her where she does not look as glamorous and beautiful as she once was.


Jennifer Love Hewitt without makeup

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has played a sweetheart on screen numerous times. As such, she rarely puts on a ton of makeup. She is a fan of a subdued look and it really suits her personality. She does not need it as some other people in the industry do and you can often see her doing errands without any makeup. She has a natural look that many other celebrities would only wish for.


Kristen Bell without makeup

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate has been around for a long time. During the height of her career, she was probably one of the cutest girls in Hollywood. Even today she still preserves some of her looks even while being of a certain age. But Christina does not wish to hide it and shows her bare face without fear. You can often see her doing some shopping without any makeup and looking completely natural.


Christina Applegate without makeup

Sofia Vergara

The Colombian actress, Sofia Vergara, is known for her bombshell looks which she often displays on the red carpet. Being the star of Modern Family she is one of the most recognized figures in America. She often appears wearing a ton of makeup everywhere she goes. But a picture of her on Instagram with a fever of 102 degrees shows us how natural and vulnerable she is. Actors are people too and are not immune to illnesses.


Sofia Vergara without makeup

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