Celebrities that You Never Could Have Guessed Were Jewish

There are a lot of famous people that are Jewish. Actually, most of the entertainers and people working in Hollywood are of Jewish descent. Some of them you probably knew about while others you didn’t.

For some, it is painstakingly obvious that they are of the Jewish faith. Famous people like Elliot Gould, Barbara Streisand, Gene Wilder, and Adam Sandler are well known Jewish celebrities. But for some, it is a little less obvious. You only notice that they are Jewish when you see them in a leaked family photo wearing a kippah with a menorah or modern candlesticks for Shabbat in front of them.

Nevertheless, we have a whole list for you with celebrities that you probably didn’t know were Jewish. The only rule is that they have to have Jewish mothers, which makes them an official Member of the Tribe.

Jake Gyllenhaal


You most likely know Jake Gyllenhaal based on his early work playing Donnie Darko. But you should also know him by a plethora of achievements and movie credits that he has to his name which include The Good Girl, Brokeback Mountain, October Sky, Love and Other Drugs, and most recently Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Jake’s mother, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, is a screenwriter and is known for writing scripts for Losing Isaiah and Running on Empty. She is also Jewish and was raised with only a little bit of formal exposure to Judaism. This is how she raised Jake and his sister Maggie so it is now wondered that you haven’t realized yet that Jake is Jewish.

Scarlett Johansson


One of the biggest stars of the Marvel Universe movies and the actress who plays Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, is never somebody that you would depict as being Jewish. You can’t distinguish it based on her surname as it comes from her father’s Danish Side.

But her mother, Melanie Sloan, Ashkenazi Jewish descent and has raised her daughter in that manner. Scarlett revealed this fact when she was interviewed on an Israeli TV show where she said that she does identify herself as being Jewish and basic observance of Shabbat and Chanukah.

Mila Kunis


I bet you probably didn’t know that Jackie from That 70s Show was Jewish. Mila was born in Ukraine in a Jewish family as Milena Markovna Kunis. She was born in Ukraine and moved to the US when she was seven. Due to the fact that many Jews from her family were victims of the holocaust and were prosecuted, she had to hide her Jewish origin for her safety.

She gave a statement on a podcast recently where she talks about tradition. She still does not like to talk about her Jewish descent so much but she does keep to it and likes to emphasize it as something important.



Alecia Beth Moore, or better known by her stage name Pink, is a famous singer, songwriter, and dancer. You most likely know her by her pop and R&B hits but never could have guessed that she is Jewish. Her mother raised her that way but it is only recently that Pink started emphasizing her origin mainly because all of the things happening currently in our world.

She is raising her daughter in the same way and said that she was proud to headline a show as a Jewish woman in Berlin.

Daniel Radcliffe


It probably blows your mind now when you know that Harry Potter is actually Jewish. Daniel’s mother, Marcia Jeannine Jacobson, is a Jew born in South Africa. And as far as his other ancestors go they are all Jews that came from either Russia or Poland. Daniel may not talk about his background so much but it is really obvious that he is another Member of the Tribe.