Chris Rock Net Worth 2020


Christopher Julius Rock, a multi-award winning American comedian, actor, producer, director, and writer, goes by the name Chris Rock. He was born on 7 February 1965 in Andrews, South Carolina and has been referred to by the Entertainment Weekly as the funniest man in the world of comedy.

In March 2003, Chris received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as recognition of the many times he has lifted the spirits of his audience.

Chris Rock Net Worth

Chris has an estimated net worth of $100 million,with the proceeds from his stand-up performances making up most of it. This is clear when you look at his earnings for 2017.

Chris made a total of $57 million in the year, of which $40 million was from a contract he signed with Netflix. The contract which was worth $40 million was to live stream 2 new stand-up comedy specials. The remaining $17 million came from the Total Blackout Tour.

His tours and performances are always extremely well attended and it is said that if you picked a group of people at random and asked them who their top 5 comedians are, Chris Rock would be one of them. It is this kind of popularity that has translated into his being undoubtedly one of the richest comedians in the world.


Chris Rock and Nelly in “The Longest Yard”

Chris Rock Stand Up Comedian

In 1984, Chris started doing stand up in the New Yorkclub, Catch a Rising Star, and soon he became a regular in the comedy circuit. It was at this club that Chris got the opportunity to refine and sharpen his act.

Chris’s ability to diversify his career opened up many avenues for him, giving his comedy acts a wider scope. While still offering stand-up acts, Chris took his comedy to both TV and films.

Chris Rock Film and Television Career

It was during one of Chris’s performances at Catch the Rising Star, a club in Manhattan,that Eddie Murphy discovered him. Murphy got Chris a role in the TV show, Beverly Hills Cop II, making it his debut TV appearance. Soon after, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live.

He later got a regular spot and an executive producer role in the TV comedy, Everyone Hates Chris. His performance in this show earned him an Emmy award.

Since then, Chris has appeared in several TV shows and films and has done commercials for Nike and 1-800 Collect. Chris also covered the 1993 presidential campaign for the Politically Correct show.


Chris Rock in “Everybody Hates Chris”

Chris Rock Awards Controversy

Chris was selected to host the 77th Academy Awards ceremony in 2005, a move that was lauded by all saying it would boost the younger generation. Unfortunately, Chris’s performance did not go down well as the organizers felt he had degraded the event with his use of foul language, scathing remarks and below-the-belt jokes.

Chris Rock Early Life and Family

Soon after his birth, Chris and his parents moved to Brooklyn. His father,Julius Rock was a newspaper delivery man and truck driver, and his mother, Rosalie was a teacher cum social worker for the mentally handicapped.

Chris has 6 younger siblings, while his older half-brother, Charles died in 2016 after struggling with alcoholism.

Attending schools that were predominantly white was hard on Chris as he was always bullied. Unfortunately, the bullying got so bad that his parents eventually took him out of James Madison High School.After finally earning his GED, Chris got work at various fast food restaurants doing menial jobs.


Chris Rock with his family

Chris Rock Marriage, Children and Divorce

In 1996, Chris married Malaaka Compton and the couple had 2 daughters, Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah. After being together for 20 years, they were divorced in 2016 after Chris admitted that he had cheated on Malaaka on several occasions.

The terms of the divorce were not made public, but it is rumored that the settlement was very hefty. The whole process left Chris heart-broken and claiming he would never marry again.


Chris Rock and his ex-wife Malaaka Compton

Chris Rock Awards and Achievements

Chris continues to enjoy a successful career and among his awards are4 Emmys from his comedy specials and 3 Grammys for his comedy albums.

Chris Rock and Social Media

Chris has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, 4.3 million on Facebook and 5.33 million on Twitter.

Chris Rock Nationality and Ethnicity

Chris Rock is an American citizen and holds a US nationality. He is of African American origin.


                       Biography & Facts
Born: 7 February 1965
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: Christian
Profession: Comedian
Net Worth: $100 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5ft 10in or 1.78m
Weight: 172lbs or 78kg
Married to: N/A
Affair with: N/A
Children: 2 (Lola & Zahra)
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Education: James Madison High School


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