Christina Tosi Biography

Christina Tosi is born in Ohio but she grows up in Springfield, Virginia. Her father was an economist and her mother was an accountant.

For one year she attended University of Virginia, where she studied electrical engineering and then she spent some time in Florence, Italy where her father is from. When she came back she graduated James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

That wasn’t enough for Christina Tosi so she signed in on the pastry arts program on the French Culinary Institute in a Big Apple- New York City.

She started working in Bouley and wd~50.

Christina Tosi in kitchen

Christina started working at Momofuku to write food safety plan. David Chang, who owns Momofuku, later hired her as a pastry chef. As it happened, the Momofuku had no desserts, and there Christina found her chance to shine. She founded Momofuku- Milk bar, a first dessert program in Momofuku restaurants.

With David Chang, Christina Tosi has developed a good and sincere business relationship. She realizes that he gave her a great opportunity and she learned from him a lot.

A Momofuku Milk Bar started in 2008. First it started as a desert program where everybody fell in love with Christina Tosi’s homemade cookies and cakes. But innovations didn’t stop there. Christina got to an idea to include her original pasties with desserts too.

Now it is upgraded into a chain of deserts and pastries. Restaurants are located in Las Vegas, Washington DC and they even have one in Toronto, but their baking products are sent all over the world. They are specialized in making wedding cakes by desire of the bride and groom, birthday cakes and delicious decorated cookies. The baking mixture they use is their own.

Some of the specialties in Milk Bar are Crack Pie, Cereal Milk, Compost Cookie, Corn Cookie, Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie, Best Freaking Cookie, Perfect 10, Maple, Pecan Coconut, B-day Brekkie Pie, Blueberry & Cream brekkie cup…

Christina Tosi

Christina Tosi, as a generous pastry cook, didn’t hold the recipes for herself. In 2011 she published her first book named “Momofuku Milk Bar”. The book was consisted off her recipes of the deserts that are made and sold in their restaurants.

Her deserts always have great critics, her first book didn’t go that well. Some reviews said that her cooking wasn’t adjusted for a home kitchen. Many ingredients had to be previously made before they could be used for preparation of the pastry or dessert. Some of the ingredients (like gelatin, glucose, freeze-dried corn…) and they are rarely found in usual house kitchens. They also said that it took a lot of time and effort for just a preparation of the ingredients and many items had to be bought on Amazon.

Never the less, there were also reviews that admired Christina Tosi’s work and people said that they were inspired by Christina’s baking techniques and that her pages made them go crazy in their kitchen.

Also, Lisa Messinger wrote a great review for her first book: “Tosi is a talented new voice you want whispering in your ear as you bake”

So, after reading and receiving all the reviews, in 2015 she wrote another book Milk Bar Life. The book contained recipes that were tasty and more adjusted to house kitchens. Ingredients are not that hard to find and every one with desire to make some of the Milk bar delicious dishes.

“It’s impossible not to be charmed by the chatty Tosi and her hot pink and bubble-letter-filled never-never land…” – a review of Jenny Rosenstrach in the New York Times Book Review.

Gordon Ramsay with Christina Tosi

She was awarded for her work with James Beard Rising Star Chef award, James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef award, and Crain’s New York Business had put Christina Tosi in their list Top 40 business persons under 40.

Christina Tosi Net Worth & Sweet Salary

As a founder of Milk Bar that is a world spread brand, it is estimated that Christina Tosi has net worth of $1 million dollars. Oh, how delicious million.

Christina Tosi Husband and Family

Christina’s private life has stayed mysterious for public. It is not know if she is married, does she have a husband, was she pregnant and has kids. As a smart woman she keeps her affairs in private, so there is also no known partner of hers.

Christina Tosi’s Instagram and Facebook accounts are filled with pictures of cookies and pastries and she has many fans. But again, she hid her private life very well.

Christina Tosi Age, Height and Weight

Christina is born in 1981. She is a 5 feet and 8 Inch tall woman, with green eyes and a pretty, long stylish hair, while she’s not wearing a chef hat. She is a woman with style and has a great outfit.

Christina Tosi’ body

Is Christina Tosi Lesbian?

Although Christina Tosi partner is not known, but it is sure that she is not gay.

Nationality & Ethnicity

She is an American citizen, white ethnicity. Her religion is Christianity.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Net Worth:,$1 million
Hair Color:,Blonde
Eye Color:,Green
Height:,5 feet and 8 Inch
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,N/A
Education:,French Culinary Institute (New York City)

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