Chyler Leigh Biography

Chyler Leigh is an American actress, singer and former model. Chyler managed to reach the heights quite early in her career. After getting the role of Janey Brigs, she stared in “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001), which was an instant box office success. The movie launched her into stardom and is what helped her gain more success in life. You will remember Chyler for appearing in shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, where she plays Lexie Grey, and in “Supergirl”, where she stars as Alex Danvers.

Chyler actually started her career at the age of 15 when she appread in a movie titled “Kickboxing Academy” (1997). At the same time, she started modeling and the peak of her career was reached when she appeared in “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001), where she played the main role. The same year, she appeared in Marilyn Manson’s video for the movie and the song “Tainted Love” and was also ranked as number 65 on the Maxim’s Hot Women of 2002.


Chyler Leigh in “Not Another Teen Movie”

Although very young, this was the peak of Leigh’s career. She then went on to star in such series as “Girls Club”, “That 80’s Show”, “The Practice” and “Reunion”. In 2007, Chyler Leighs was cast to play a girl at the bar in “Grey’s Anatomy” in the final of Season 2. Chyler was then revealed to be a season regular as she played the character of Lexie Grey. She stayed at the show for five years, but eventually departed it since she wanted to spend more time with her family. Currently, Chyler Leigh stars on CBS/CW DC Comics show “Supergirl”. She plays one of the main roles in the show, Alex Danvers, and has appeared in all seasons of the show so far. She also made appearances in the other Arrowverse related shows like “Arrow”, “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Chyler Leigh also performs together with her husband. They make music and release both cover and original songs under the name “WestLeigh”.


Chyler Leigh and Melissa Benoist in “Supergirl”

Chyler Leigh Net Worth and Salary

Chyler Leigh started off very young. With the success she garnered at a very young age and being able to continue it she reached the heights much faster than some of her colleagues. She was able to earn a lot of money, very fast. But in recent times, her success is dissipating. Her salary is not as it used to be, but Chyler Leigh is still has a substantial net worth. She is currently estimated to be worth about 5 million dollars.

Chyler Leigh Husband and Family

Chyler Leigh is married to a fellow actor Nathan West. The actually met a very long time ago, when Chyler was still 16. Nathan was 20 at the time and they were auditioning for the same show back them. They started their relationship and moved in together while still being very young. Their relationship had its ups and downs during the years, but they eventually got everything settled and Nathan finally proposed to Chyler. They got married in 2002 in a ceremony held in Alaska.


Chyler Leigh with her family

The two of them have three beautiful kids together. Interestingly enough, Chyler and her husband have a ritual that who ever guesses the sex of the baby gets to name it. They got their first child in 2003, a son who they named Noah Wilde. Their first daughter came in 2006 and her name is Taelyn Leigh. The last of the bunch is another daughter, Anniston Kae, and she was born in 2009.


Chyler Leigh is 36 years old and she was born on April 10, 1982. Her full name is Chyler Leigh West, but she was born under the surname Potts in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her mother and father are Yvonne Norton and Robert Potts and they run a weight-loss business. During her youth, Chyler was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but after the business that her mother and father ran got bankrupt and their subsequent divorce, she moved to Miami with her mother and brother. This also resulted in her being estranged from her father. She did not really have any contact with him nor a relationship.


Chyler Leigh

Her mother remained and while still in sixth grade Chyler started modeling and also began appearing in the local TV commercials and videos. Her brother, Christopher Khayman Lee, went on a similar route and he eventually ended up being the star of the “Power Rangers in Space” show. After the success that Chyler was having as a teen, her mother decided to locate them to Los Angeles, where Leigh could further develop her career. At the age of 16, Leigh took and passed the California High School Proficiency Exam.

Chyler Leigh Height and Weight

Chyler Leigh is certainly an attractive women. Being that she is a former model, you can guess how good she looks. The main reason her career started so well was because of her looks. She was very hot as a teen and it helped her gain the success that she has today. Chyler is now closer to her 40s than to her 30s, but still manages to keep her looks which initially made her famous. She is 5 ft 6½ in or 169 cm and keeps her weight at 57 kg or 126 lbs.


Chyler Leigh Today

Her body measurements also depict her great figure, they are 34-23-35 inches. An interesting thing is that she suffers from exercise induced asthma, so she does not like going to the gym. Instead she is very active and it allows her to keep her stellar figure and appearance.

Chyler Leigh Drug Addiction

Chyler Leigh struggled with addiction at an early age. After meeting her husband, then boyfriend, Nathan West, the two of them had an unhealthy cycle of experimenting with drugs which developed into an addition. The use of cocaine grew into something more serious and both of them descended on a dark path. They say that this was all due to the troubled pas the broken homes that they both had.

Chyler was even criticized by the director of “Not Another Teen Movie” because of the way she looked back then. It was the peak of her career but it was also the peak of her problems. Eventually, Chyler and Nathan were consulted by friends and Christian church service. This was the initial thing that helped them get a hold on their lives and get back onto track. They are both clean since 2002 and they marked this occasion by getting married and leading towards a clean and healthy life together.

Chyler Leigh Nationality and Ethnicity

Chyler Leigh is an American Citizen and holds a US nationality. She is Caucasian by ethnic group.

Biography & Facts
Born: April 10 1982
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actress / Singer
Net Worth: $5 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 ft 6½ in or 169 cm
Weight: 57 kg or 126 lbs
Married to: Nathan West
Affair with: No
Children: 3 (Noah Wilde – Taelyn Leigh – Anniston Kae)
Birth Sign: Aries
Education: California High School Proficiency Exam