How does Crystal Marie Denha Remain Soo Skinny

Crystal Marie Denha is known for being a lot of things. She is an actress, a dancer and a comedian, and you may have noticed that she is pretty hot. Her figure and her looks are the part which helps her get the views and what keeps the people, well mainly men, interested in what she does. But she is also respected by woman.

But skimming through her Instagram page you will see a lot of photos with her and some unhealthy food. Here she is diving into a pizza, and she also stuffs her face with a chicken burger. Well I guess chicken is okay, and I noticed a cucumber in there somewhere as well but it still a far cry from being good for you. Nevertheless Crystal seems to be a fat girl trapped in a hot girl’s body, or she has a magic formula which keeps her skinny and lets her eat whatever she wants. We have to find out where she keeps it!

Woman vs Food 🍕

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In my next life I'd like to come back as a carbohydrate. Sad this fried chicken sandwich wasn't spicy. 🍗

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Why Did Kevin Garnett Actually Skip the Olympic Games in Athens?

The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens are going to be remembered for a lot of things. First of all, it was the comeback of the modern Olympics to the place where it all began. Athens was the city which started it all and it gave birth to a famous tradition which is the dream of every athlete alive. It also gave us the Olympic heroes that were remembered from that era and it also has given us the new ones in basketball.

The Olympic tournament has always been predominantly ruled by the USA team lead by their stars from the NBA. But in Athens the famous Argentina side led by their captain Many Ginobili managed to steal the gold medal beating the US team in the final. There are many controversies from the American side following the defeat and one of them was the absence of one of their main stars, Kevin Garnett. Garnett was probably in his peak during that period but has decided to skip the tournament out of personal reasons. He actually needed to get married to Brandi Padilla, in a private and secret ceremony. Knowing this now and seeing how happy Kevin and Brandi are now, we forgive Kevin for missing out the tournament. He may not had the opportunity to defend the gold that year but he got his gold in his wife.


Brandi Padilla with Kevin Garnett and daughter Capri at US Open

Shemar Moore Honored with his New Role

Shemar Moore will be given his new role now. But the star of “S.W.A.T.” and “Criminal Minds” is not going to get a new TV show going, at least not this time. It has been announced that he has been chosen, alongside colleague Anna Chlumsky, to announce the nominees for the upcoming 69th annual Emmy Awards. Shemar feels honored as sees this as a way of crowing his already prolific career. The Emmys are going to be held in Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Sunday, September 17.


Shemar Moore

Mikaela Spielberg Displaying her Talent

To most people Mikaela Spielberg is exclusively known for being George Spielberg’s adopted daughter. Although she is a minor celebrity and does not have any special things about her she does have a unique talent. Mikaela can paint, really, she is good. She recently tweeted out a message which says “I don’t know how to tweet correctly but I can kinda paint….. Trust me it’s not done.” Followed by a very nice looking painting.

Mikaela is not an actress or a producer and has certainly not been in the spotlight for anything controversial, but she does have a talent which we have been unaware of. Nice to see that even without any blood relations Mikaela does have a certain talent to rival her dad.

Annette Rogue and Matt Lauer Hitting a Rough Patch

The Star of the “Today” show Matt Lauer and his wife Annette Roque are having a stumble in their relationship. But this stumble may lead to much bigger consequences as there are rumors that they are on the verge of being divorced. Although the couple is keeping their mouths shut and are not answering any questions about it, it appears that this has been going on for some time.

Reportedly, infidelity is the cause, and Annette has decided to take the kids and move to their Hamptons, while Matt is still living in the city close to his job. This is reportedly a secrete separation and a quiet one and maybe they just need some space apart until they work out the problems. But sources say that this time it might be much more serious than that. This could be the end of a once beautiful relationship as the couple has three children together. But things can still end well.


Annette Roque and her husband Mat Lauer

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