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Crystal Marie Denha is a television host, comedian, and actress. You can say that she has many talents so you can see her on many YouTube scathes, as a guest host on some videos of popular YouTubers and even as a host on a several entertainment news outlets like Hollyscoop, ESPN, and Fox. She has also appeared in a number of movies including a couple of big blockbusters like Spiderman 3 and Iron Man. Unfortunately, her appearances were almost unnoticeable because she was an “extra” in those movies.


Crystal Marie Denha was born on 8 February 1984 in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. At the time of writing this article, she is 33 years old.


Crystal Marie Denha

Partner and Family

Crystal Marie Denha was born to a family of American parents and she an older brother Chris and a niece named Scarlett. The actual origins of her family are unknown. Her last name has some Hispanic and Middle Eastern origins. There are also some details about her main role in some Assyrian movie called “Cousins”, but that is only mentioned once without any mention of that in her “filmography” page. We were only able to find out that “Cousins” is a bi-language movie with spoken Assyrian and English.

She doesn’t like to share her family moments with the “public eye” so we don’t know much about her family. The only little detail was published by the Crystal Marie Denha herself, on mother’s day in 2015. That is how we had an opportunity to actually see where her beauty comes from. She published a picture of her mother with the post “Happy Mother’s Day to the Queen”.

There were some photos of some two hands holding each other on Crystal Marie Denha Instagram but nothing else. That is why we have to presume that Crystal Marie Denha is currently single. She was in two relationships that we know of. One was with Ronnie Faisst in 2010 (actor, born on June 22, 1977, in Mays Landing, New Jersey, USA), and the other was with Jamie Kennedy (also an actor/ stand-up comedian, born on May 25, 1970. Born in Upper Darby Township, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA).


Crystal Marie Denha and Jamie Kennedy

Education and Career

Crystal Marie Denha was a talent for comedy from her early days of childhood. Her teachers noticed that and guided her towards theater and acting. There are no exact details about the high school and college, but what we do know is that she finished the University and got a degree in broadcasting. After that, everything was just a case of her good looks and quick wit. She started as a model/ actor for Gillette and Napster right after she moved to LA. That brought her the part on the Assyrian movie and after that role in numerous tv series, tv shows, youtube shows and live stand-up performances. It is unknown if that kind of popularity came just because of the movie “Cousins” in 2012 because the movie wasn’t popular, but it is a fact that her career only became better after that leading role.

The main focus of Crystal Marie Denha career has always been a comedy. Whether is she working on the YouTube or as a tv host (cohost) for some national television she has always tried to be witty. Her YouTube videos are connected to comedies and are mostly some kind of satire. She even does stand-ups on the main stage of the Hollywood Improv alongside other well-known comedians.

Sports and the entertainment news in which she worked as a host are (credit to the IMDB page written by Rama Vullury): “Hollyscoop, ESPN, Fox News, Top Ran Boxing, The Fumble, Sunrise Australia, Yahoo’s the Yo Show, What The F Facts, and much more.”.


Crystal Marie Denha in bikini

Net Worth and Salary

Since Crystal Marie Denha doesn’t have any permanent position in any of the mentioned networks and her career is very young, we are assuming that her Net Worth cannot surpass $1 Million. That is the assumption based on the current situation.

Height and Weight

Crystal Marie Denha is a good looking lady with a very “model like” proportions. We are not sure about her weight, but her height is 5’7” (170cm). It wouldn’t be politically correct if we were to say anything about her other attributes, so let us just say that she is one beautiful lady.


Crystal Marie Denha lesbian insinuations were never true if there were some. We are not aware of any.

Crystal Marie Denha Facebook

The strange thing about Crystal Marie Denha is that she is maybe the only celebrity that doesn’t have any Facebook pages. There aren’t any fan pages either. But on the other hand, Crystal Marie Denha is very active on Twitter and Instagram.  Crystal Marie Denha Twitter name is @IamCrystalMarie and her Instagram name is iamcrystalmarie. She has tons of followers on both social media sites.


Crystal Marie Denha in red dress

Crystal Marie Denha Ethnicity

We are not certain about the Crystal Marie Denha ethnicity. The last name Denha is over 40% Hispanic by origin, but there are many sources which claim that Crystal Marie Denha is from the Middle East. Or, to be clear, the origin of her ancestors if from the Middle East. And if we take into consideration that Crystal Marie Denha spoke some kind of Assyrian language (that is a dialect of an ancient language spoken in Mesopotamia – modern north part of Iraq), we can assume that her ethnicity is Middle-Eastern. Crystal Marie Denha is a citizen of the USA.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,8. February 1984.
Ethnicity:,Hispanic / Middle East
Profession:,television host – comedian – actress
Net Worth:,$1 million
Hair Color:,Dark brown
Eye Color:,Light brown
Height:,5’7” (170cm)
Weight:,56.7 kg
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,Ronnie Faisst / Jamie Kennedy
Birth Sign:,Aquarius
Education:,she finished the University and got a degree in broadcasting

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