Dan Greiner Net Worth 2019, Job, Religion

Dan Greiner is the finance manager of the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, INC. But his fame actually comes through his marriage. He has been married to Lori Greiner who is a businesswoman, inventor, entrepreneur, and TV personality. She is known for her role in the famous TV show “Shark Tank.” Because of her role there, she became known as The Queen of QVC. Lori also appeared on the spin-off show “Beyond the Tank” and has a program on QVC called “Cleaver and Unique Creation Show.”

Lori is also the president and the founder of For Your Eyes Only, Inc., where her husband is employed. The company was established in 1996 but Lori is credited in helping launch more than 400 products and also has a claim on 120 US and foreign patents.


Dan Greiner with his wife Lori Greiner

As far as her husband Dan goes, he has not been popular before meeting and marrying Lori. He has worked for the “Bell & Howell” company as a controller. But when he met Lori he quickly joined her company and is now working there as a Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Dan is very supportive of his wife and helps her in any way. Both she and he have been able to advance their careers with each other’s support and have a lot of credit to each other that way.

Dan Greiner Net Worth 2019 and Salary

Dan Greiner net worth and salary are mainly kept a financial secret. He is employed in the company in a high position, but his net worth cannot be measured to one of his wives. Lori Greiner is a self-made woman and owes her success only to herself. She has been supported by her husband recently who does everything in order to advance their situation and relationship. There is no exact information on how much Dan Greiner net worth is in 2019. by himself but we can say with certainty that Lori has a very big net worth of 75 million dollars.

Dan Greiner Partner and Family

Dan Greiner is married and his wife is the Shark Tan star and self-made entrepreneur Lori Greiner. They have been married for quite a while already and have a very good relationship. Information about their marriage are not public and Lori likes to keep things a secret and rarely talks about her husband. Dan has not made strides to reveal his side as well and he also values his own privacy.


Lori Greiner

Lori has once revealed the story about how they met, but she did not go into any details. In fact, she only said that they met at a bar and that they started off from there. One thing led to another, as it often happens, and they are married now. They do not have any children together for now and Lori actually does not want to have any children at this stage of her life. She is focusing on her career but says that she does not want to relinquish the fact to have any kids in the future. For now, they are both keeping things slowly when it comes to expanding their family.

Dan Greiner Age

Dan Greiner is in his 50s now. He is a bit older than his wife, but his exact date of birth is not known. He also does not care to comment about his place of birth and has kept quiet for many of his personal facts as well as this one. Nevertheless, he is in his middle ages and enjoys a great job in a great position.


Dan Greiner

Height and Weight

Dan Greiner is not big on revealing personal information about him. So does Lori and she keeps most of the information about her husband to herself. Dan is a businessman and he wants to keep things as professional as possible. This is why his status as a celebrity is a bit low. He does not want to state any information about his body measurements so his height and weight are unknown.

Is Dan Greiner Gay?

Dan Greiner is not gay. His past relationships are not known and there is no information about his early life. But the thing still remains that he has never dated anybody of the same sex before nor had a relationship of any kind. He has been only related to girls so far.


Dan Greiner and his wife

Nationality and Ethnicity

Dan Greiner was born in America to American parents and that makes his nationality American as well. He also belongs to the Jewish ethnic group.

Biography & Facts
Born: N/A
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Jewish
Religion: Jewish
Profession: Finance manager
Net Worth: N/A
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Married to: Lori Greiner
Affair with: N/A
Children: No
Birth Sign: N/A
Education: N/A