Danica McKellar Net Worth, Age, Husband

Danica McKellar is an actress and a mathematics writer. Besides getting famous at first as an actress and by starting as a child actress first she came a long way since they and has managed to become an education advocate. She started first on the hit series “The Wonder Years,” where she played the character of Winnie Cooper, who was the main love interest of the main character Kevin Arnold.

Danica actually had weekend acting classes at Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. She managed to land the role of Winnie Cooper and she stayed on for the whole length of the show. She even had her first kiss ever on screen as part of the show. After the show ended she had difficulties to transition from a child actress role into adult ones. So she first made a couple of quest star appearances on certain shows and also wrote and directed two short movies as part of her credit. She then appeared in “Moment of Truth,” “Cradle of Conspiracy” and “Justice for Annie,” all during the 90s. She would also manage to appear on “The West Wing” from 2002 to 2003.


Danica McKellar and Fred Savage in “The Wonder Years”

Danica McKellar has managed to have quite a prolific career afterwards and she is still active and appears regularly both on TV and in movies. Her latest movies roes include projects like “Crown of Christmas” (2015) and “The Wrong Woman” (2013). She is also a great voice actress and has given her voice to Miss Martian in DC’s “Young Justice” and will continue to do so with the renewal of the season. She has also done a number of voiceover roles for other DC cartoons and animation as well.

Danica McKellar has also published a number of books and she wrote a total of five non-fiction novels related to mathematics. They include “Math Doesn’t Suck,” “Kiss My Math,” “Hot X: Algebra Exposed,” |Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape,” and they are aimed to encourage young girls to have confidence and get better and math.


Danica McKellar in “Crown For Christmas”

Danica McKellar Net Worth and Salary

Danica McKellar is still a working actress and having started so young has only helped her get a pretty hefty sum of money during all this time. She was able to earn also from the sales of her books but her main source of income is still acting. She is actively appearing in many new shows and in some smaller movies which helps her get her salary. Her net worth is 3 million dollars.

Danica McKellar Partner and Family

Danica McKellar was once married but has divorced her husband recently. She and met Mike Verta, who is a composer, a long time ago and they actually dated for 8 years, or since 2001. They got married in 2009 in Danica’s home town and they later ended up having a child, a son named Draco just a year after they got married. But their divorce actually came rather quickly and they split up in 2012, while the divorce was finalized in 2013. Danica is now with her second husband Scott Sveslosky, who is a partner in the Los Angeles legal firm Sheppard Mullin Richter and Hampton, and they got engaged in 2013, with their marriage being held in 2014 in Kauai, Hawaii.


Danica McKellar with her husband Scott Sveslosky

Danica McKellar Age

Danica was born as Danica Mae McKellar in the town of La Jolia, California. She then moved to Los Angeles with her family and spent a larger portion of her life there. Her mother was homemaker and called Mahalia while her father was a real-estate agent named Christopher. She also has a sister named Crystal and both she and Danica started their careers as child actress. But since they had a strong emphasis on education they studied and Crystal eventually became a lawyer. Danica graduated from UCLA and got a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with highest honors. Danica was born on January 3, 1975 and her current age is 42 years old.

Height and Weight

Although starting in her 40s now, Danica McKellar is still good looking. She started in this field very young and has managed to keep her appearance even now. She is attractive and shows that a woman can have both the brains and the looks. She was able to keep her body measurements of 33-23-34 inches, and her height is 5 feet and 4 inches while her weight amounts to 53 kg.


Danica McKellar in bikini

Is Danica McKellar a Lesbian?

Danica McKellar is a heterosexual women and you can deduce that form her past relationships and the fact that she was married twice. She has never displayed any homosexual tendencies and has always been interested into men.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Danica McKellar is American by nationality, but her parent’s background is rather mixed. Her mother comes from a mixture of Scottish, French, German and Spanish, while her father is Portuguese in her origins. This would make Danica of mixed descent.


Danica McKellar

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,January 3 1975
Ethnicity:,Mixed (Scottish -French – German – Spanish – Portuguese)
Profession:,Actress / Model
Net Worth:,$3 million
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Dark Brown
Height:,5 feet and 4 inches
Weight:,53 kg
Married to:,Scott Sveslosky
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,1 son (Draco)
Birth Sign:,Capricorn
Education:,UCLA (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)

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