David Scott Simon Biography

David Scott Simon is best known or only known to be the husband of Alison Berns. There is nothing else that would tie David Scott Simon with some celebrity world. He married Alison Berns almost immediately after she had divorced Howard Stern. And that divorce is something that happened in a controllable manner, but we have a feeling that the situation was boiling inside. David Scott Simon married a woman who was seriously damaged by her ex-husband and there is nothing he can now say in his defense.

As for Alison’s new (current) husband is considered, David Scott Simon looks like a good guy, as far as we can see. There is not much we could find out, no matter how deep we went, or how closely we listened to the interviews Alison gave, nothing has been said about the David Scott Simon.

David Scott Simon Age

Since Alison Berns was born in 1954, and she is now 63 years old, we believe that David Scott Simon is close to her age.

David Scott Simon Partner and Family

David Scott Simon is married to the ex-wife of a well-known radio host Howard Stern. He and Alison married in 2001 shortly after she had divorced Howard Stern. Howard and Alison were married from 1978 to 2001.

David’s wife Alison went through Hell. She has never admitted, but living with a man like Howard is a nightmare, especially while he was unleashed like he was during the last years of their marriage. Howard is a man who does everything for his job and it is like he has lost his touch with reality. He does everything to the extreme.

During his radio shows he constantly makes sexual connotations toward other females in spite that he knows that his wife (now ex-wife) is listening to him. He was a disgrace to his family. It is a miracle how Alison Berns kept forgiving him after dozens of humiliating speeches and radio shows in which he kept humiliating himself, his family and his wife. It is obvious that she loved him, but although she looked calm every time she was on the air, there had to be something behind the curtain. However, she couldn’t get it anymore.

David Scott Simon and his wife Alison never had children of their own. Alison has three kids from her previous marriage: Emily Beth Stern (1983) https://www.facebook.com/emilystern507, Deborah Jennifer (1986) https://www.facebook.com/debra.stern.315, and Ashley Jade (1993) https://www.facebook.com/ashley.jade.528.

Alison was probably somewhat damaged during the divorce period. According to the interviews Howard has given through the years he deeply regrets his actions, but he continuous to talk about his personal life on the air, just as he did while he was married to Alison.

Alison and Howard

Alison and Howard met at Boston University. That was a time when he started working on some film projects. He wanted her to help him with a movie called “Transcendental Meditation”. He said that he knew almost immediately that she was the one for him. They married at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline, Massachusetts on June 4, 1978. They were married for 21 years before the separation.

Their daughter Emily says that their relationship started getting worse after her master went back to her old job. She is a psychoanalyst. We don’t know how her job has anything to do with Howard’s insults. Their conflict allegedly started in 1999, however, the couple separated in 2001.

After they split up, Howard started to date Angie Everhart and after some time he married a beautiful model and television host Beth Ostrovsky (in 2008).


Howard Stern and Beth Ostrovsky

As we have already stated, Alison didn’t want to wait even a year, so she married David in 2001.

David Scott Simon and Alison Berns Affair

Since Alison remarried almost immediately after the divorce with Howard there were rumors that she had an affair with David long before the divorce. Those accusations have never been proven and the press left them as just pure speculation. The strange thing was how easy Alison got over Howard. That was not the deal with him. He admitted on a couple of occasions that it was very difficult for him to cope up with the divorce as a result of his own guilt. He knows that he was wrong and that his obsession with his job led him to the biggest mistake of his life – the divorce.

David Scott Simon Net Worth 2019

Since we are not even sure how David Scott Simon looks like because we couldn’t find any evidence of his existence, except his Facebook account in the list of friends of his wife Alison, we don’t know his personal Net Worth. But Alison Berns net worth is over $20 Million dollars.

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