David Visentin Biography

David Visentin, a real estate magnet, a TV Show host, an actor, but most of all a Canadian, born in Toronto. He attended Collegiate Institute West Humber whose motto is “Achievement thorough effort”. Not sure if this school or the University of Waterloo made him successful as he is today.

When David Visentin was only 22 years old, after graduation and getting a bachelor degree in Electrical science, he became an agent. His first job was in Rosemont, for Country Living Reality where he worked with his father, Nick Visentin.

More than 16 years he worked on the housing market, and during those years he had many clients. He worked with many different people and met their various needs. Customers believe him when it comes to choosing and buying their house. David Visentin is very good at his work and much respected in a world of real estate.

As a young man, he was interested not only in real estate but in acting too. What David Visentin has accomplished not many have in their lives. He began his acting carrier in 2008 for Big Coast Production.

He started as a co-host in a W Network series Love It or List It. His co-host was also his competitor, Hilary Farr. Love It or List It is a big hit and it is still on TV channels HGTV, W Networks and OWN Canada. This show is combination of David Visentin passions – real estate and acting. Since September 2014 the show began filming in North Carolina, USA.


David Visentin and Hilary Farr

In Love It or List It they are trying to win one another. Hilary Farr is a designer and she needs to redecorate couples house but to fit in their budget which is usually not enough. David on the other hand is a realtor and he has to show them some other house for sale that fits in their budget but other things like location, neighborhood, distance from good schools and their workplaces are not good for the couple.

Hilary and David are great hosts. They enrich the show with their acting and talent for selling houses. Not to forget that they have a great chemistry you can almost touch it!

David Visentin can also be seen in some films and television. In 2011 he appeared as a guest in one episode of Kortney & Dave: By Request and also as a guest and contributor in two episodes of The Marilyn Denis Show.

His skills for business and his bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering made him a good Judge in Brother vs. Brother, from 2013-2015.


David Visentin

In 2013 David Visentin was in Makeover Manor as himself, and in 2015 in TV Series documentary HGTV Insider.

Besides in TV Series Brother vs. Brother you can see him in Today and Harry, TV Series that are both currently being filmed. He also starred in This hour Has 22 Minutes.

Last, but not least, he is also contributing for news agencies as Canadian Press.

David Visentin Net Worth & Salary

As a multiple successful businessman David Visentin has made good money by now. His net worth is estimated at 3 million dollars. And fortunately for him it is continuing to grow as he is listing houses and places.


David Visentin’s house

David Visentin Wife and Family

Nick, David Visentin’s father was a real estate agent too. Maybe Nick was his role model and David chooses his path looking at his example. Passion for that business runs in the family. They worked together for many years and now they still spend time together.

He is married once and never divorced. With his wife Krista Visentin has a happy and good marriage. Tabloids never wrote about him in a bad content and his is never caught in any affairs.


Krista Visentin, David Visentin and Hilary Farr

When he is not working and listing houses he enjoys time whit Krista and his son, and judging by his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles they have a lot of quality time and entertainment.

Hillary Farr and David have great work relationship and between them is a great chemistry. Krista could be jealous of their closeness but she never showed that so let’s hope that that is not the case.

David Visentin Age

David Visentin was born on 28th of June, 1965. He is 52 years old now and looks good and strong. He might be losing his hair but there is a saying among people that when a man loses his hair or turns bald it is a sign of manliness and wisdom.

Height & Weight

Tidy and neat man as David Visentin is 5 feet and 8 inch high and he is in a good shape. Takes hikes through forests, swims and spends time on his parent’s pond. His weight is 155 lbs.


David Visentin with his co-host Hilary Farr

Nationality & Ethnicity

He is a Canadian citizen, White, born, raised and working in his homeland. He is a Christian, and celebrates and honors Canadian holidays as well as others.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,June 28 1965
Profession:,TV Show host and an actor
Net Worth:,$ 3 million
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:, 5 Feet 8 Inch
Weight:, 155 lbs.
Married to:,Krista Visentin
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,1 son
Birth Sign:,Cancer
Education:,University of Waterloo

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