Deborah Jennifer Stern Biography

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the middle daughter of the famous and eccentric TV host, Howard Stern. She is actually one of the daughters that Stern had with his first wife Alison.

Howard and Alison met when they were young and decided to get marry and start a family with each other. Things started getting serious and at the same time, Howard’s career started going stronger and stronger. During the time they were together, Alison and Howard had three children, but things did not go as planned.

The divorce came suddenly, as Deborah states, and Howard left them to stay with their mother at first. Both of Deborah Jennifer Stern’s parents eventually remarried as Alison Stern is now married to David Scott, while her father Howard married Beth Ostrovsky.

As for Deborah, she tired doing some acting but did not reach any stardom as her father has. She started off with an appearance in a show called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” where she stared in a single episode. Her later roles included either minor ones or some minor movies. She stared in “For the Boys” (1991), “Nudist Colony of the Dead” (1991) and “Wide Awake” (1998).


Deborah Jennifer Stern and her father Howard Stern

Deborah Jennifer Stern Net Worth 2019 and Salary

As far as Deborah Jennifer Stern’s net worth, it is hard to determine how much she is worth now in 2019. She is not acting, as far as anybody is concerned, and she has moved off to other things. She does not hold the popularity and is net worth as much as her father once was, but still manages to keep her own. As she is mainly leading a normal life, her job and her net worth in 2019 are unknown. The same goes for her salary and wages.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Family

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the second child of Howard Stern and Alison Stern. She has two sisters, one younger and one older one. The oldest of them is Emily Beth Stern who was born in 1983. The youngest of the Stern sisters is Ashley Jane Stern and she was born in 1993.


Deborah Jennifer Stern’s parents and Emily Beth Stern

Deborah is not married and she does not have any children. She has troubles in keeping to a stable relationship as she has had problems adjusting when she was young. Because of her father’s explicit sexuality and his erratic behavior she has had time to finding interest in boys.

She did not develop a bond with women either but just ran into an awkward phase which affected both her young and adult life. She actually confesses this on a talk show once and it is where some of the facts about her have been revealed. Deborah keeps most of her personal things to herself and there is no information about her dating anybody now. She has kept most of it a secret but it is presumed that she is single now.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Age

Deborah Jennifer Stern was born on 9th May 1986. This makes her 33 years old currently. Once her parents divorced she spent time with both of them, but mainly stayed with her mother. She still has a good relationship with both Howard and Alison and also enjoys spending time with her sisters.


Deborah Jennifer Stern with her sisters (Emily and Ashley)

Height and Weight

Deborah Jennifer Stern has kept many things a secret related to her life. Some of them are in regards to her body weight and measurements. There are not many pictures available of her and she does not come out in public so much. She wants to separate herself from having a famous father and sees herself as different from that. All in all, she has kept almost everything about her private life a secret and one of them is also in relation to her weight and height. There is no information about her body and figure as well.

Is Deborah Jennifer Stern a Lesbian?

Although she is not dating so much now Deborah is not gay. She has had problems dealing with her sexuality because of her father but has successfully overcome them. But there are some things which still remain and she is still struggling to fit in and have a relationship. But there is no doubt that she is straight and she is interested in men and now in women.


Deborah Jennifer Stern

Nationality and Ethnicity

Deborah Jennifer Stern was born to American parents and her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is Caucasian and as far as her beliefs go, she is an actively practicing Orthodox Judaism.

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Born:,9th May 1986
Religion:,Orthodox Judaism
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,N/A
Eye Color:,N/A
Married to:,No
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Taurus

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