Di Higrade, HTML – Review

The latest song from Ghanaian Artist Di Higrade left us speechless. The track’s name is ‘HTML’ which stands for “Hello To My Lover.” We all heard about HTML, markup language, and this is a clever way to name a song because we will all remember it really fast.

This is a timeless classic, a ballad with a hip-hop vibe. The lyrics are imaginative and draw us in this beautiful story very quickly. Di Higrade stands for someone who can tell a great story through his music, and he didn’t fail us once again. That is why we can sense how much he is missing the lover that he hasn’t seen in a long time with such intensity.

In the music video, you can see Di Higrade playing his piano and remembering how happy he was, and what a great time he had with his lover in their relationship. This is a very smooth, calming song with a little dose of longing. Melancholy in piano chords and drums that are soft and smooth, appearing just in the right spots to complete the whole song make the melody sound very simple but great to follow Di Higrade’s singing.

His voice is remarkable as always. Other songs that I recommend you to check out from this talented artist are ‘The One’, ‘Enemies’ and ‘Prove Dem Wrong’. His unique style of singing is influenced by his parents at a really young age and from that time on, he started to show signs that he will be a great refreshment to the music scene and I can’t wait to hear more from this talented singer, songwriter, and even a model in his free time!

The song is available on Spotify, but don’t forget to check the video on Youtube for the best experience!

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