Die Antwoord Releasing a New Short Film

The South African band which consists of Yolandi Visser and Ninja, Die Antwoord, has released their newest short film. The title of the movie is called “Tommy Can’t Sleep” and it is equally disturbing and eerie as their previous work. If you are a fan of the due you know what you are getting as you probably seen their previous vides and films that they have done. The movies stars Yolandi herself as well as Ninja’s daughter 16 Jones, who plays Little Tommy, and Hollywood star Jack Black, who plays Big Tommy. Be careful before you watch as it involves a lot of profanity, rats and some pretty insane things.

Does David Haffenreffer Feel Jealous after Seeing This Picture

Ex-wife of David Haffenreffer, GMA’s Lara Spencer recently released a pic sporting a bikini bottom and a tank top with some killer abs in between and a very hot and chiseled body. She looks pretty great for 48 and she gives of a pretty sexy look. This picture was followed by one taken in Paris with her and her current boyfriend having lots of fun and being all in love with each other. Bat what does David Haffenreffer think all about this. After glancing at the first picture one cannot feel disappointed by letting her go.

Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose Joining Mike Greenberg’s Morning Show

According to Hollywood Reporter, Mike Greenberg is getting some company for his new show which starts in the Morning. He will be joined by colleague Michelle Beadle, the host of “Sport Nation” and “NBA Countdown, and former Chicago Bulls player and also current “NBA Countdown” host Jalen Rose. The program is going to last three hours and it is going to go against some of the greater and more viewed shows like “Today” and “Good Morning America.” This news show was supposed o make its debut all the way back in January, but because of some unexplained reasons, it was pushed further all the way till now. This show is also going to be a part of the program’s new strategy to make more personality-driven programming instead of a highlight one.


Apparently Johnny Carson Died of a Broken Heart

It was only recently that Johnny Carson left us, leaving most of his fans distraught and craving for his talents back. But there are emerging stories which actually give a different angle to his death. It actually has to do more with his wife Alexis Maas than anything else. It only recently came to pass that before Johnny died, his wife actually left him just a few months before. She dumped him and went away to Pittsburgh leaving him heart-broken and alone. He fell ill and fell to bed and after some time died. After hearing this Alexis came to see her husband at his bedside but did not do much to help him. It was already too late and Johnny left us perhaps too early.

Chasing Waterfalls Omits Tevin Williams From Their 90s Soundtrack

Chasing Waterfalls is an idea which came after Bruno Mars made his “24K Magic” album which explored a lot of music from the 90s. This immediately inspired the St. Louis-based TLT Productions and gave them an idea that tapping into the potential that the 90s have could be something that the fans will like. The original production is directed by TLT founders Lauron Cosby and TreG. They are the ones who chose the songs, but one of them is going to be omitted. Tevin Campbell was on the short list to make it here but was eventually dropped out. Cosby says that there was so much music from the period and that it all sounds good which also means that some needed to be sacrificed. Tevin was one of them and although he represents an important piece for the period, he will not be featured on the mix.


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