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DJ Akademiks, real name Livingstone Allen, (aka Negrotiator aka Lil A K) is a social media star and commentator. A Jamaican-American, he started off his career while still in college, DJing and producing music. He then started his hip-hop blog “Late Night Creep”. The blog features news and gossip on hip-hop music and culture. In October 2012, he launched his first YouTube channel, mainly featuring social commentary and satirical news stories. The channel has more than 328,000 members.

In July 2015, Akademik’s main YouTube channel was launched. It has more than 2 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views. Other channels include “The War in Chiraq” and “Crime Fails” and he currently hosts “Everyday Struggle” with Nadeska and Wayno under the pseudonym Lil AK.


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Net Worth & Salary

DJ Akademiks’ current net worth is about $2 million. Most of this comes from his YouTube channels, but he also has an online apparel store, selling hoodies, knapsacks and other items.


DJ Akademiks got his started off as a DJ and producing music while still in college at Rutgers. Apart from the college radio station, he also played at local barbecues and social events. He then started blogging under the title “Late Night Creep” and then moved on to social media with his first YouTube channel in 2012.

The channel started to gain popularity with his coverage of the drill music scene in Chicago, and its most watched satirical video, “Suge Night Faints After Bail Set to $25 Million” has more than 11 million views.

Under the moniker of Lil AK, he released his first single, “Blues Clues” in April 2018, racking up 2 million watches in 6 months. He followed up with “Triggers” in May the same year. In December 2018, DJ Akademiks launched the first EP under his new Lil AK project, titled “Cloud Chaser” which had 4 tracks. This was followed in February 2019 by a track called “LANES”, featuring Teka$shi69, which gained almost 3 million views on YouTube by October. The track “Hypebeast” followed on October 18, 2019.

His main YouTube channel has over 2.3 million subscribers. He has roughly the same number of followers on Instagram and almost 380,000 followers for his Lil AK project.

The Negrotiator, his other persona, also has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram.


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Partner and Family

DJ Akademiks is not married and does not have a family, although he once dated Instagram star Angelica Ggx.


DJ Akademiks and Angelica Ggx


DJ Akademiks, 28, was born on May 17, 1991 in St. Catherine, Jamaica. He grew up in Spanish Town and immigrated to the US in the early 2000s. He attended Rutgers University in, New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he majored in Biomathematics. He is still attending classes, studying for a Masters in Math Finance.He currently lives in New YorkCity

Height & Weight

DJ Akademiks is  5ft 8in (173cm) tall.


DJ Akademiks

Nationality & Ethnicity

DJ Akademiks was born in Jamaica, but moved to the US in 2001. He now holds dual Jamaican-American nationality.

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