Does Whitney Scott Mathers Care about her Real Father?

Eminem may be a lot of things, but he is not a bad parent. He has had his problems with his relationship with Kim Mathers, but nobody can deny him the right of taking care of his daughters. He currently takes care of Haley, Alaina and Whitney Scott Mathers. As for the final one, she is actually not related to any way to him, she is actually the child of his ex-wife and her former lover. But either way Eminem has accepted her as his own and is her legal guardian.

Whitney has expressed many times that she regards him as her only father, even though he is not her biological one. Her real father is Eric Hatter and she does not have a good relationship with him nor her mom. She does not speak fondly about her biological parents at all and only shares affection for her adopted one.

Bridgette and Pete Sampras Selling Their Home

News came recently that Bridgette Wilson and her husband Pete Sampras decided to sell their home. The property that they are thinking of moving is their Brentwood Home which they have priced at 8.9 million dollars. The housing has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and is located in a forest like setting which gives it added charm. The housing has been built in 2009 on top of a quiet cul-de-sac. It is meant to give an earthy atmosphere and connect the people living there with nature. Either way, we will see if the parties interested are willing to pay the large sum the couple is demanding for this home.


Going for a Stroll with the Kids

Melissa McCarthy owes her popularity to her immense sense of humor and does not care what people think of her. You will see that she expresses herself in her stand up routines that way and also her comedy movies. She also teachers her daughters to always be what they are. So Melissa and her two daughters, Vivien and Georgette Falcone, were seen strolling the streets and wearing pretty casual clothes. The three of them do not really seem like celebrities and Melissa actually really enjoys the time she has with her children. Georgette is the youngest one of the bunch and is probably the one who is having the best time.


Georgette Falcone’s parents (Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone)

Sheree Zampino Slams Alexis Arquette’s False Claims

In a recent post, Alexis Arquette slandered the names of Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith, accusing them both as being closeted homosexuals. This statement made a lot of noise in Hollywood and while some of the people decided to ignore it, others decided to make a case of it. One person who was really offended by this was Sheree Zampino, the first wife of Will Smith. As Alexis claims, the real reason why Sheree and Will broke up was because she caught him in bed with another man.

Sheree recently came out on Facebook in a video message getting back at Alexis and clearing both her and Will’s names. She explains that both Will and Jada are as straight as they come and that her former husband is certainly not a homosexual. She actually feels attacked by Alexis and says that she does not want lies to be made about her marriage. Her claims are that their marriage did not work for other reasons and that there was no infidelity, neither with a man nor a woman.

Danica McKellar Celebrates her Son’s Birthday

Danica McKellar celebrated her son’s 7th birthday in her own special way. She posted a throwback picture on Instagram of her and her son Draco when he was only a 1-year-old. She says “to my precious Draco, the sweetest, coolest little dude on the planet!!” Danica is 42 years old and she had Draco with her ex-husband Mike Verta back in 2010. Now Draco is the most important things in her life and she tries to express her love for him in every possible way. You can really see based on the picture that she enjoys her time with the boy.


Danica McKellar

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