Donna Peele Biography

Donna Peele is predominantly known as the first wife of actor Charlie Sheen. Professionally she was a model and an actress but has never managed to make a big mark or an important career for her. Donna Peele started modeling early in her life and also decided to take up acting.

However, she did not have much acting ability and only went on her looks which eventually did not take her far. Peele mainly acted in small parts and appeared in various commercials, which is how she met Charlie.

Model Donna Peele and Charlie met on a set of a cigarette commercial, while both of them were filming at the time. Interestingly enough, Charlie was at the beginning of his career back then. Therefore, he has only been building his acting repertoire.

On the other hand, Donna was trying to earn some money though commercial acting and did not expect that she would meet the man of her dreams. Nevertheless, since Charlie is an unstable individual, which he has proved in recent times repeatedly, they divorced after 6 months of being together.


Wedding (Donna Peele and Charlie Sheen)

Donna Peele will always be famous as the first wife of Charlie Sheen and the first one to say “Yes” to him. Charlie will then follow to have two more marriages until slopping down into an alcoholic, substance and sex-addiction spiral. He has been recently admitted to be HIV positive. Finally, this is the last crack in Sheen’s career damaged by his excessive lifestyle.

Net Worth and Salary

Donna Peele is not a working actress anymore and she has actually disappeared from the public spotlight. It is hard to tell what she is during currently with her life but we are sure that it isn’t acting. She has quit the modeling industry a long time ago. Moreover, after her marriage with Charlie Sheen, which is the reason she became popular in the first place, has spiraled down from existence.

Her net worth is currently unknown because we are not really sure that she is working, but probably is able to hold on a menial job now. On the other hand, her former husband’s net worth was at one point estimated to be somewhere around 125 million dollars, but has gone down significantly due to the life choices Charlie has made.

Partner and Family


Charlie Sheen

There is no information about Donna Peele relationship or marriage status currently. In fact, we only know her for the marriage to Charlie Sheen. As they met on a set of a cigarette commercial, Donna and Charlie fell in love and they got married on September 3, 1995. But the hardships of their marriage emerged once they started having relationship problems and they could not hold up to be together more than a year.

This was mainly due to Charlie’s infidelity which would later cause him to develop an unhealthy sex-addiction problem, causing him to lose other marriages in the future. They finally decided to call it quits on November 19, 1996, when they were officially divorced.


Donna Peele’s birthday is unknown at the moment but we do known that she is in her 40s currently. She has moved a lot during her life and lived in various places. Originally, it is reported that she is from Orlando, Florida but lived both in New York and Los Angeles during her life.


Donna Peele and his ex-husband Charlie Sheen (1995)

Height and Weight

In her hay day, Donna Peele was a really attractive woman. She was a model to state the least and it led her to being able to keep her good looks even now. She is 53kg and is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Is Donna Peele a Lesbian?

Donna Peele was a wife for a time to Charlie Sheen. It is not likely that she is a lesbian though.

Therefore, her sexual orientation never rose any doubts. It appears that she has remained interested in men after the divorce. There are not many information about her dating career and it appears that she has not married after the divorce with Charlie but still she has not developed an urge to chase women.


Donna Peele with Charlie Sheen

Nationality and Ethnicity

Donna Peele was born in America which makes her a US citizen and having an American nationality. Her ethnic group is Caucasian.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,1st January. 1970.
Profession:,a model and an actress
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Light Brown
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:,5 feet and 7 inches
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Capricorn

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