Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell net worth is of negative $600 thousand. He has around $600 thousand in debt for which he was filed for bankruptcy in 2014. He owes much of it to IRS. From March 2017, Drake is in financial crises. After a long run of struggle, he is promoting himself on radio stations by resurrecting his talent in music.

Drake Bell net worth: -$600k


Born in June 1986 in Newport Beach, California, Drake Bell is famous child star of the late 90s and early 2000s known for starring in the Nickelodeon comedy show, “Drake & Josh”. He is also an occasional television director, comedian, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He was encouraged by his father to start acting at the age of five. He starred in his first TV commercial for Whirlpool Appliances.

He played several minor roles in many TV shows, movies and commercials such as Home Improvement, Jerry Maguire, The Amanda Show and Pokémon Red and Blue. Later on, his interest in music was seen and he began to play the guitar at age of twelve. He then also released some high-rated musical albums. But he gained popularity because of Drake and Josh show which was named after him and it starred his best friend and his costar, Josh.

Drake Bell Salary and Earning

Bell once had a net worth of $2.7 million per year. Bell’s earning was just $2,820 per month in 2013. Bell managed to purchase 2,640 square house located in Los Feliz which has worth over $1.5 million but failed to control its expenses.

Drake Bell Education and Career

Bell studied at Orange School of Arts. He made his first appearance in television in 1994. The show ‘Drake & Josh’ uplifted his image overnight. Side by side Drake is also an instrumentalist. His song ‘Found a way’ was the theme for this well-known show. He also released his live music albums a few years later. Some of his albums ‘Down we fall’ and ‘Make me happy’ were also a reason behind his admiration by the audience.

He owes his fortune to savvy stock ventures, considerable property possessions, lucrative support manages CoverGirl beautifying agents. He likewise possesses a few eateries (the “Fat Bell Burger” chain), a Football Team (the “Santa Clause Ana Angels”), has propelled his own image of Vodka (Pure Wonder bell – US), and is handling the youngsters showcase with a best offering aroma (With Love from Drake) and a form line called “Drake Bell Seduction’’.

Personal Life

Drake met a terrible car accident on December 29,2005, where his vehicle collided with the other one and his bruises were not life-threatening but he fractured his neck and vertebra and lost his seven teeth. In 2007, after purchasing a house when Bell was filed for bankruptcy his house was taken over by the authorities in early 2014.

His driving license was suspended by DUI and he was arrested for driving under the influence as he was an alcoholic. He was later asked to attend alcoholic education program when he was arrested again in 2016. Drake always had a keen interest to work for the welfare of others. He worked for a non-profit organization, ‘Thirst Project’ which worked for providing clean water to the public.

Biography & Facts
Born: June 27 1986
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: N/A
Profession: N/A
Net Worth: $600 thousand
Salary: N/A ($2820 per month in 2013)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 1.74 m
Weight: N/A
Married to: Not yet
Affair with: N/A
Children: N/A
Birth Sign: Cancer
Education: studied at Orange School of Arts